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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I finished Caprice a couple of weeks ago. It was fun and addictive knit and I'm really enjoying wearing it. It has been my scarf of choice for the last week. It even matches my new gorgeous handbag from Leah Lerner.

And now you can wear Caprice too. The patterns is available as an individual pattern on Ravelry but it's also available as an e-book. I'm planning to gather St Aubin's Bay, Caprice and 3 more designs into an e-book: Between The Lines. If you purchase the e-book now, you will get St Aubin's Bay and Caprice as separate PDFs, as well as the next 3 patterns when they're published. Once all the patterns are ready I'll put them together into one PDF.

The next pattern in this collection is waiting to be blocked. And the 4th pattern is on the needles. The next pattern will be published in February and all the patterns will be published by end of April. Until the full collection is ready, you can purchase the Between The Lines collection at only £8. Once all the patterns have been published that will go up to £10 (the full value of the 5 patterns is £17.50).

Back to Caprice. I knitted my sample in 2 skeins of Northbound Knitting Merino Fingering Singles which is a beautiful pure merino yarn. So soft! Caprice is fully written out, no charts, and features elongated crossed stitches, and lacy stitches. Along one long side there is a beaded picot edge. (I've got video tutorials for how to work elongated crossed stitches and how to knit with beads).

Caprice is a slightly crescent, asymmetrical triangle. Most of it is relaxing garter stitch but occasional elongated stitches or easy lace add a bit of variety. The shawl is finished off with a simple chevron lace border.

Buy Caprice as a single pattern or as part of the Between The Lines e-book. The choice is yours!

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