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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sock Mojo has returned!

Once upon a time I used to churn out one sock after another. Then my sock mojo went missing. My lovely warm socks gradually wore out till I had no hand-knitted socks left. I do suffer from cold feet. So last Christmas I decided to try and always have a plain pair of socks on the needles in an attempt to increase my sock production.

In August while we were in Spain I cast on this pair. I finished sock no 1 but sock no 2 languished with only half a foot left to knit until Sunday. Sunday evening I finished this pair which is knitted in Sirdar Heart and Sole. I worked them top down with an afterthought heel and swirly toe from Lara Neel's Sock Architecture. I don't normally like afterthought heels as they don't suit my high instep but Lara's book has persuaded me to try a few different heels and toes. This heel, a thumb joint hat top heel, fits surprisingly well. I did a 3x1 rib and after I put the waste yarn in for the heel I forgot I was on the foot and carried on doing 3x1 rib.

After I finished the Sirdar pair I grabbed another sock wip. These are knitted in my own hand-dyed yarn, from the top down. I started them in 2013 sometime but knitted all of the second sock and most of the first this year. I knitted nearly the whole foot (for my UK size 8 feet) on Sunday evening.

Monday morning I felt I could justify casting on for a new pair of socks since I had finished 2 pairs. I wound a very bright rainbow skein of Fab Funky Fibres. I decided to work these toe up so wound them into two 50gr balls.

I'm even doing them on circulars which is very unusual for me as I'm a DPN girl at heart. I'm doing an afterthought heel again, to preserve the stripes. I'm actually over halfway up the leg. I've got a deadline this week so have been trying to ignore this sock but as soon as this deadline is done, I'm finishing this sock. I love the colours!

So since last Christmas I've knitted 7 pairs. Here are 6 of them which means I now have a pair for every day of the week.

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