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Monday, November 17, 2014

Colour Testing

Its been all about mittens here lately. My new stranded fingerless mittens will be published soon. Its being tech-edited at the moment. 

I published Vaffel Votter a few weeks ago and this week I'll be launching Navia kits for this pattern. 

A big box of Navia arrived on Friday and there's more colours coming soon. 

I've been pouring over the shade card trying to decide on colour combinations for the kits. So many yummy colours.

The best way to decide which colour combinations work, is to knit them up. So that's my main job today. I'm recovering from teaching in Wales yesterday and I'm teaching in Devon tomorrow. I've had to take it easy today or I'll end up in huge amount of pain. So at least I've been able to do something useful today. 

I'll share more colour combinations later in the week. The Vaffel Votter pattern is part of the Indie Giftalong 2014 promotion.

1 comment:

Louise Tilbrook said...

Beautiful vibrant colours. I'm always so timid when it comes to colour choices.