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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Its WonderWool Time!

Its WonderWool Wales this weekend. The run up to any show is a busy time and this one is no exception. Normally I have wet yarn drying all over the house but as I've given up yarn dyeing there's no wet yarn this year. Instead boxes of yarn has been arriving.

More Lotus Yarns has arrived! I've got cashmere, cashmere/silk, yak and merino/silk in many pretty colours.

Today a big box of Zauberball arrived. I love Zauberball! I've got the regular Zauberball sock yarn, Zauberball Crazy, Zauberball 100 which is pure wool, Lace Ball and Lace Ball 100.

I enjoyed going through this box. So many pretty colours I haven't tried yet. I'm tempted to keep a few balls for myself.

Today I brought all the yarn downstairs so I could do a proper inventory check. Not sure the dog approved. She struggled to squeeze on to the sofa.

I've got lots of beads too and have spent ages labelljng them. There's seed beads and miracle beads as well as crochet hooks for adding beads.

Today I picked up my new supply of biz cards, post cards and stickers for my new paper carrier bags.

This week has been non stop parcel deliveries. Couriers have been arriving at regular intervals and this afternoon my last two deliveries arrived: a big box of patterns and a new dress form.

I'm very excited about WonderWool this year. Are you coming?

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