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Monday, January 27, 2014


 'Ava' was first published as a Lace Lovers Club pattern but the exclusivity period is now up and you can all knit it. I love this shawl and I hope you do too. It's worked from the top down in a modified triangular shape. Instead of the standard top down triangular shawl with a 'spine stitch', I've added an insertion which starts off as a triangle then the increases stop and the insertion panel continue straight down to the hem. The shawl is finished off with a crochet chain cast off which is very easy to do even if you're not a crocheter. I've got a video showing you how.
 'Ava's' shape is very flattering as the insertion creates a curved shawl with some shoulder shaping so it sits nicely across your shoulders.
'Ava' is knitted in my BFL Dream Lacey Sock which is a heavy laceweight yarn. If you find laceweight yarn a bit intimidating then this yarn weight is perfect for you.

I've booked a Notebook advertising spot for 'Ava' on Ravelry for February and I'm just trying to decide which ad to run. Here are my two options, which one do you like?

Option 1:
 Option 2:
The shawl was modelled by my youngest daughter Emily and I love her hair in these photos. She's always had long beautiful hair. I'm quite jealous of her hair but like a lot of teenage girls who have long hair, there comes a day when you want a change so on Friday she had her hair cut. I love her new hair style too. It makes her look so different. Here is a photo taken at the hair dressers:
I'm hoping she'll model for me today if the rain stops by the time she gets home from school, so I'll have proper photos of her new hair-do later in the week. By the way, when I got fed up with my long hair as a teenager, I cut it really short and regretted it for about 20 years.


Hedgehog said...

Hello - beautiful design, though a bit beyond my skill range! I would definitely go for option 2 as the panel down the middle is lovely and (in my limited experience) unusual. The photo from behind also shows the edging up a little more clearly too, I think.

Both the new and old hair styles are very nice too, by the way :-)

I'm planning to pick up one of your shawl patterns soon but it will take me a while to work through your Ravelry listing. Any recommendations for a slowish beginner knitter; I've done a couple of lace edgings but only in 4ply weight or more. Am I being too ambitious?

Naomi said...

I like the ad showing the back insert best. The shawl is lovely and I hope to find time to knit it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Hedgehog, Your question gave me an idea so I'm working on a blogpost to give new lace knitters an idea of which patterns are suitable and some tips and tricks. I'll try and post it for Friday.

Hedgehog said...

Hello Anni,

That's very exciting, really pleased to have given you an idea and also to look forward to some tips. I'm working on a breathtakingly dull mostly stocking stitch scarf scarf at the moment so hope to find time for something more interesting soon. Thanks in advance :-)