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Monday, November 11, 2013

More WIPS & knitting needles

Last Thursday I blogged about what's in my knitting bag after a challenge by Nic of Nicsknots. I knew there where some projects missing and I was a bit worried about where they were. Especially on Saturday when I spent the afternoon tidying up my office. Then I noticed a tub in the hallway. It's been there for so long I'd started to not notice it.
The firs project is not actually a wip. I started a two colour shawl with Malabrigo sock yarn but it wasn't working so I ripped it out and I've kept the yarn and beads together as I still want to use it for a new design. The colours are fab.

 The next is a crochet project. Its my Grace scarf. I think this was a Christma spresent idea last year but I never finished it.  
 These socks were finished a year ago except they're not quite finished. I knitted them toe up so I could use up all the yarn but I didn't weigh the yarn at the beginning. So when I finished sock 1 I guessed at how much to leave for sock 2. And yes, you guessed it, I ran out of yarn. i need to rip out about one pattern repeat on the first sock. I've started un-doing the sewn cast off. But somehow got distracted. I need to finish this soon as my feet are cold.
 I cast on for a pair of handwarmers to match my Shelter scarf. These were supposed to be a present for my friend who had the original Shelter scarf but I dind't get around to finishing them. And my friend has now felted the original scarf. I may finish this for her for Christmas this year or rip it out and do something for myself. These are too small for my huge hands.
 Earlier in the year we were going to the cinema and I didn't have any easy knitting on the go so I cast on with 3 colours of Shilasdair cashmere blend to knit a stripey shawl. I loved it but got distracted by deadlines. I need to get going on this again as it'd make a great shawl for the winter.
 Last Christmas in Norway I bought this sock yarn and cast on for a shawl. The pattern is charted out in the notebook. I never got around to type the chart up before this got abandoned. I'm not all that keen on the yarn. Not that soft. I may rip this out and do socks instead as I do like the colours. think I've got 2 skeins too.
 And finally, not really another wip as I confessed to this in the last post but this is the other half of Simon's half finished sweater which I want to finish soon.
 Rowan asked in the comments on the last post where I got my row counters from. They are the little green round things in most photos. They're Clover row counters and as you can see I love them. Many yarn shops, who stock Clover, stock them.

So after admitting to more wips on Twitter on Saturday, one of my lovely knitters, Debs, asked about my needle stash so I'm confessing all now! When Knit Pro interchangeable circular needles first came available in the UK several years ago I bought a set. The case eventually wore out so I bought a Nicsknots case which I love.
 There are some needle tips missing here. No idea where they are.
 I've also got a tube of double pointed needles which are not currently in use. This lot includes my Signature dpns, Knit Pro Symphony and Knit Pro Carbonz.
 Two years ago I discarded my Knit Pro set after discovering ChiaoGoo Red Lace circulars. I bought this Jordana Paige case to store them in. 
 About a year ago ChiaoGoo brought out an interchangeable set. I bought the full set and love the cast they came in.
Problem was that I'd already stocked up on a lot of Red Lace circulars in the sizes I used so now this is my ChiaoGoo needle stash. This does not include the ones that re currently in use and all my projects that are not using double points are on a pair of ChiaoGoo circulars. That's a lot of needles. I'm kind of shocked. Didn't realise it was that many till I tipped theam all out.
At the moment I use exclusively ChriaoGoo apart from double points. When I got my Knit Pro set I gave my old needles to a charity which provided craft equipment for an African orphanage. I've also got a pair of short 4mm straight Signature needles which I forgot to photograph. I mainly use them for swatching as I don't really like knitting on straight needles. I use circulars for everything but socks and mittens/gloves, which I use double points for. 

I've also got lots of Knit Pro needles which I use for teaching but I've not included those. 

So that's my list of wips and my needle stash. Will you confess all?

Sorry for any typos. No time to proof read. Need to do some laundry before Em's piano lesson.


Unknown said...

Excellent sort out but im now hankering for chiaogoo!!

Alicia said...

All of your WIPs make me feel better about all of mine! I cast on projects like your movie knitting shawl all the time and boy do they add up.

Anonymous said...

The ChiaoGoos are amazing. Best needles I've ever knitted with. Not cheap but worth the money if you knit a lot and like pointy needles. They're slick without being too slippery and points are perfect for lace and everything else. I love them!

Catherine said...

Big 'fess up' what a lot of WIPs. I like the way the first two coordinate prettily with their bags! I have recently discovered those carbon fibre metal tipped dpns. They are fab n'est ce pas?