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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A crafty weekend!

How was your weekend? I had  crafty weekend. On Saturday we went up to the lake. Simon was planning to go sailing but it was flat calm so we walked/cycled around the lake instead. I cycled around twice, that's 7 miles in total, and Simon and Sam (the dog) walked. I did start off cycling off then turning around and cycling back to Simon but it got boring pretty quickly so I went off on my own. Everytime I went back to Simon, Sam would try to follow me on my bike for a few minutes but she's too small and too old to keep up for too long, although I'm not cycling that fast.

The rest of the weekend was spent taking it easy, fitting in a little bit of work and doing lots of knitting and a bit of sewing. Last week was pretty bad in terms of pain. My worst flare up for years. On Friday before I left to teach for the day, I was nearly in tears because the pain was so bad. I had no idea how I would get through the day. Fortunately I had lovely ladies which helped a lot.

This was my coffee table yesterday morning. Look at that jumble of projects. Let's go through them in more detail (I did tidy that table up by the way)!
 I got halfway through my Quince & co Selbu-inspired mittens a couple of weeks ago but wasn't happy. So I ripped back to the rib and re-charted it and I'm ready to start again. Em wants some fair isle mitts too so I'm thinking of doing a version of these for her.
 That green and purple Malabrigo Sock I showed a few weeks ago came out to play again. I've decided I need some new fingerless mittens. My hands were cold a lot over the weekend and most of my fingerless mittens are looking a bit old and worn out. so I cast on with the Malabrigo sock. First I swent for a purple/green garter stitch edging followed by green lace but the gauge was too loose so I ripped back and re-knitted in just the green. I'm planning to do a matching infinity scarf using the purple with a bit of leftover green in it. I'm adding beads and got quite a bit of knitting done on these last night and they look so pretty.
 My Zauberball Crazy shawl came off the needles. I'd planned to block it last night but that didn't happen so will wait till my cleaner has been tomorrow and then block it. I'm off out teaching in about 40 mins and don't have time to block it this morning and if I block it tonight it won't be dry by the time my cleaner comes in the morning and she won't be able to hoover the whole of the lounge/diner floor.
 I've got a slight obsession with Zauberball Crazy going on and have this ball waiting to cast on for another easy, 'on the go' project.
 I have been sewing too. Or mainly cutting actually. I'd started cutting out pieces for my new 'workshop bag' and I finished cutting it out on Sunday. There's a lot of pieces as this bag has pockets galore. I ran out of lining fabric so some of the pockets are in different fabric. The outer fabric is the spotty green oil cloth.
 I also finished or rather completely re-did a bag I'd started 2 weeks ago. The bag was ending up way too big so I cut out all the seams and made it smaller. it's a fairly simple square design with a flat bottom and handle loops at the top to attach ready-made handles. I did a zipped inside pocket and a pen/mobile phone/tool case row of slipped pockets. I love this bag except I only put interfacing (fleece interfacing) on the outer fabric. Wish I'd put medium or heavy interfacing on the inner fabric too. As the bag could do with a bit more structure.
I was teaching at Social Fabric on Friday and they have some lovely new fabrics in stock and I couldn't resist. Aren't they pretty? Social Fabric has moved by the way, and i can't wait to visit their bigger shop.
Today I'm off to teach at Spin A Yarn so no time to proof-read this post. I've got to have breakfast. I was supposed to write this post yesterday but ran out of time so thought I'd get an early blog post in before I go.

Have a lovely day x

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