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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Crochet Designs - Part 1

I've been working on several crochet designs this year. I do find designing for crochet more challening than knitting, especially the writing up the patterns part. The main reason is that I'm not as experienced at crochet as I am with knitting. But I love crochet and i love designing crochet patterns. I've not had any crochet on the go for a few weeks now and I'm really missing it.

I'm happy to introduce the first one of some new crochet designs.

This is Essen published in the current issue of Let's Knit.
Essen uses an interesting stitch pattern consisting of crossed trebles. It gives a textured slightly lacy effect and is quick and easy to work. The pattern repeat is noly 2 rows so easy to learn. The shaping is kept simple making it perfect if you're new to crochet sweaters. 

The yarn is Rico Design Essentials Soft Merino Aran. I love Rico yarns. They're affordable but still good quality. This merino aran is soft and plump and because it's aran it crochets up very quickly for a warm, snuggly winter sweater. 

A big thank you to Heidi for making this sample for me.

Here in Cornwall we're still having fairly warm weather but the weather outside today is awful. Rain and heavy winds are signs that winter is coming despite it still being fairly mild for October. Start now and you'll have a warm cozy sweater to wear by the time it gets cold.

Come back tomorrow for another new crochet design.

1 comment:

Sea said...

I got my copy of Let's Knit and as I looked through id was beginning to think that you didn't have a design in this issue, but there it was at the back. :) Lovely design, but I'm only confident crocheting in squares and triangles, so I won't be tackling it.