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Saturday, October 26, 2013

I've been knitting too!

There's not just been sewing going on here, I've done quite a lot of knitting this week too. Last weekend I cast on for a new 'quick and easy' shawl. This is my current on the go knit. Last Sunday evening we had a church leadership meeting at a friends' house.  I took my knitting and knitted through the meeting as usual. Then I left without my knitting. I was going back to friends' house on Wednesday knitting for housegroup so I got my knitting back then. This is a fun knit and yes it has beads! I don't seem to be able to knit without beads these days. The yarn is Zauberball Sock yarn which I just love!
Last week I cast on for a new shawl design using Bijou Basin Ranch Seraphim. I love this shawl and it was an addictive knit. The yarn is a beautiful blend of angora and viscose but doesn't shed like most angora yarns. Can't wait to block this. You won't see the final result though as it's a secret project.
I've got my next beaded lace shawl lined up. I'm casting on using Skein Queen Mink. This is a heavy laceweight with 600m per 100gr. I've got beads and needles lined up. I just need to make a final decision on the pattern. I've got 3 ideas and can't decide which to go for.
 I love Zauberball Crazy and this delicate colourway has been on my wish list for a while. I've got an exciting idea for this yarn but I'm trying not to cast on until I've finished the other Zauberball design.... I may give in this weekend though.
What are you knitting/sewing this weekend? I'm hoping to start work on a 'workshop bag' and will try to fit in as much knitting as possible.

Have a lovely weekend x

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Jill@NorthStarYarns said...

I'm finishing up a pair of cabled slippers. They are huge, man-sized and a very boring grey. I can't wait to get back to something more fu0n.