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Thursday, September 05, 2013


A few months ago we decided we'd take Vanessa to London for a weekend as a treat for working hard for her A levels. We'd planned to go in June or July but it turned out being very busy months with shows and decorating. So we decided to go last weekend which was perfect as Emily was in Spain with my parents. And it was great to have a weekend with Vanessa before she goes to uni. She moves to Bristol to study at UWE end of next week. She's been working 5 days at week all summer and when she's not working she's spending time with her friends so it feels like we've hardly seen her.

We got up early on Friday and drove up to South London. We stayed in a hotel quite far out but it was only a 5 min bus ride to the nearest tube station and 30 mins on the tube to central London. On Friday we headed straight to the V&A which I love. The highlight was the fashion display where these knitted swim suits caught my eye:
 Before we left the museum we went out to the court yard which was full of families sitting around the shallow pool. Lots of kids were running around and having fun. Some fully clothed and some in swimsuits. I was kind of surprised they were allowed to play in the water but also pleased to see they were enjoying playing in the water so much. It was such a hot afternoon. We sat there for a while watching the kids play while we cooled our feet in the water.
 On Saturday our plan was to spend most of the day at Greenwich. First we headed to the Emirates Airline cable car and took the cable car across the Thames to the O2 Arena.

 The cable car was fantastic and definitely worth it (and if you have an Oyster card you get 25% off). The view across the river was spectacular.

 We really enjoyed it! We had a walk around the O2 arena too. Simon and I visited it when it was called The Dome in 2000 and this was the first time we'd been back. We got back on the tube and DLR to Greenwich. None of us had been to Greenwich and I've no idea why. It's such a treasure.
 We looked around the buildings and grounds of the Old Royal Navy College with it's beautiful Painted Halls.
 Stunning ceilings:

 Afterwards Simon and I walked up the hill to the Royal Observatory to see the Meridian Line. It was packed at the top and we didn't actually go in to the Ovservatory. Maybe next time.
 The view from the top was fab and after relaxing for a while at the top we headed back down the hill and sat in the park for a while relaxing.
After a meal we headed back to central London on a river boat. I forgot to take any pics. We enjoyed the boat ride though and saw Tower Bridge open which was spectacular.

Saturday evening was the highlight of our trip when we went to the theatre to see the musical 'Once'. We saw the DVD years ago and Vanessa can play a few of the songs on the piano. She had asked us if we could go and see it and we'd told her it was too expensive. But we'd actually secretly already booked the tickets. The plan was to keep it a surprise till we arrived at the theatre but we ended up telling her a couple of days before we left. The musical was fabolous.

Sunday was shopping day. The description of some of the markets sounded great online. We headed for Petty Coat Lane Market. In reality it was full of the cheap trash you find at any market. So we left quickly and headed to Stratford instead. Simon went off on his own to explore some museums while Vanessa and I went shopping.

We had a great weekend. The weather was perfect. Warm enough to only wear t-shirt and trousers but not uncomfortably hot.

Last night Emily got home from Spain. She'd had a great time with my parents. She went back to school today and a week from Saturday we move Vanessa into her student accommodation at UWE in Bristol. Big changes for us this autumn.

While in London I mainly worked on Simon's second sock. I'd hoped to finish it but only got as far as finishing the leg. I also did a bit of work on the September Lace Lovers Club shawl which I really need to finish very soon. Want to join in the fun of the Lace Lovers Club? The next round starts in October so you'll need to join soon.

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