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Monday, August 05, 2013

New Shawl Pins

After Woolfest (because stupidly I forgot to order before Woolfest) I placed a big order for Nicholas & Felice shawl pins. I haven't ordered any for months and the shop desperately needed re-stocking. I chose some old favourites and some lovely new ones. Hoping that they wouldn't get held up in customs for too long and that I would have them in time for Fibre East last weekend. We left on Friday morning and the pins arrived on Saturday with a lovely, big VAT bill. But that means that you get full choice of all the pins and there are some beauties.

One of my favourites is this Owl pin. It's made from aliminium but it's slightly thinner metal than most of the other aliminium pins. I ordered three and kept one for myself. 

One of the favourite shawl pins is the Groovy Flower (above) and this time I ordered some little Retro Flower pins in sterling silver. They look like the Groovy Flower but are smaller and more delicate looking. I'm desperate to keep one of these for myself too.
Are you a musical knitter? Then you'll love this Treble Clef pin in brass. 
I have it's little sister too: a Little Treble Clef Brass pin. This little pin is really dainty.
Most of the pins are celtic designs which is perfect as I live in Cornwall. The Celtic Hearts & Swirls pin was one of the first shalw pins I bought before I started stocking Nicholas & Felice's pins. 
If you prefer a smaller version, here's the Little Celtic Heart in Sterling Silver. I've photographed it upside down here but click through to the listing and you'll see it photographed the right way up. I quite like it this way too though.
Another new pin is the Fleur de Lis in aliminium and I love this one too. I'm thinking of getting one for my own collection. Yes, I do have quite a few of these pins that I use for personal use and for photographing and displaying my shawls. I've lent them to magazines for photography too.
And finally, two new copper pins and I love them both. I prefer aliminium and silver though so I may have to get them in aliminium next time.  These are both circular designs. First up, the Spiralling Full Circle:
And finally the Circle with a Twist. This is one of the simpler pins but I really like it.
This is only a small selection of the pins available. You can see them all here. The pins are all hand-made in the US by artisans Nicholas & Felice. The pins are perfect for delicate lace as they are very light weight and there are no sharp edges. I've bought other metal pins which have pulled my shawls out of shape but these are incredibly light. They're sturdy and big enough to wear with regular knitwear too. Why not get a pin instead of putting buttons on your next cardigan.

Treat yourself or a friend to a beautiful accessory.

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Nate said...

Wooow, they're sooo loveable!!!!