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Monday, July 22, 2013

My FIRST US cover design

As a designer it's very exciting when your first design is on the cover of a magazine. And I still get excited about every cover design I have. A few weeks ago, while we were at Woolfest, I had an e-mail about another first but I couldn't tell anyone yet. 

My Elegant Beaded Lace Stole is on the cover of Knitting Traditions Fall 2013 by Interweave.
I was so excited and I've been desperately waiting for the magazine to be published ever since and now it's out. This is my first US cover design.

For the Elegant Beaded Lace Stole I was inspired by early 1900s women's fashion and in particular the fashions from Downton Abbey. When I submitted this (which was originally submitted for the Unoffical Downton Abbey isssue due out soon) I had just watched the third series of Downton Abbey and I imagined one of the sisters wearing this shawl over their evening dresses.

I used Scrumptious Lace from Fyberspates for this design and Scrumptious Lace is just what it says on the label.... Scrumptious. I love the delicate colourway too.
 I took  a traditional lace pattern with strong diagonal lines and enhanced it by adding beads in diagonal lines. I chose beads that stand out but you could choose beads that blend more with your yarn, if you prefer. I like my beads to be seen though. The beads are added using a crochet hook and I've got a video demo here if you're new to this technique.

This shawl is worked from the long side to the other long side, so there's a lot of stitches to cast on and off but there are much fewer rows. I recommend using a circular needles because it'll be hard to comfortably fit over 200 stitches on a straight needle. And make sure you use a stretchy cast on so you can block the stole properly. I always use the long tail cast on and I hold two needles together for a stretchy but neat cast on edge.

I really enjoyed knitting this stole and I'm thrilled that the sample was returned to me with my copy of the magazine (some magazines keep the photography samples).
If you're in the US you can purchase the magazine direct from Interweave (it's not listed as I write this but keep an eye on their shop, I'm sure it'll be up there very soon). I'm sure there will be UK shops stocking it and if you know of any please let me know so I can tell all my lovely blog readers.

Check out the other designs in this issue which is a lace issue. So many very, very pretty designs.

I've got several designs due to be published in American magazines in the coming months and I got another US commission last week. But ofcourse that's all secret till the magazines are published.


Unknown said...

I am so excited about this beautiful are 2 of my friends. We've decided to do it as a knit along and have each purchased the magazine. We've been waiting for it to be loaded on Ravelry so that we can add it to our queues.

It is truly stunning! The beads just make it show stopping!

Congratulations on making the cover. Thank you for making it available.

Mairead said...

Congratulations! I can understand why you are so thrilled - a real achievement.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Camille and Mairead.

Connie said...

Love this beautiful, beautiful shawl! I just purchased the magazine today and can't wait to cast on (though at the moment I have too many WIPs). Congratulations, too, on being on the cover. Well deserved!

Barb W. said...

Anni - Congratulations on the Knitting Traditions cover. You have come so far from the days of Sockamania.

Barb Williams

Anonymous said...

Thank you Connie x

thank you, Barb. I'm just amazed at how things have worked out. I'd never have imagined this when i started Sockamania. Feel like I'm living a dream at times.

Phyl said...

I am exciting about knitting this shawl although my track record on lacy shawls is not good. I am bad about dropping stitches. There are two "firsts" for me: completely following a chart and using beads. Both are turning out to be a breeze. Thanks for the demo on beading!! Is there anywhere this pattern is in pdf format so I can download it into software on my IPad?

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyl,

My advice is to use lifelines, so if you make a mistake and need to rip back or drop stitches, your stitches are sitting safely on the lifeline, ready to continue on.

I'm not sure if the magazine is available electronically. The best thing would be to check with Interweave.

Lizzie said...

Hi Anni,
I live in Australia & would like to buy this stole pattern as a digital download. The magazine isn't available here. Is this possible?
Regards, Lizzie

Anonymous said...

Lizzie, you can buy a digital version of the magazine at