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Monday, June 03, 2013

Dramatic Coastline

I've shared plenty of pics of the beautiful Cornish coastline before but on Saturday we went to Tintagel on the north coast of Cornwall. We don't go up to the north coast very often and we haven't been to Tintagel for many, many years, probably before the girls were born.
Tintagel is a popular tourist spot, which is probably why we don't go very often, and the village is too full of tourist stuff for us. It's also the birthplace of King Arthur and Tintagel really do cash in on the legend of King Arthur.
A short walk down the hillside from the village is the ruins of King Arthur's castle. We had a walk around. It's on a rocky headland and there are some very steep hills and steps.
Climbing up those steps made me realise how unfit I really am. I really ought to find a hill to walk up every day (actually there's one right outside our house which I keep trying to avoid).
The weather was beautiful. Sunny and warm but a bit windy. Out of the wind it was quite warm though. I'm hoping this weather will last and we can put the long, cold winter and late spring firmly behind us and look forward to a long, warm and sunny summer but this is Cornwall.....
Fortunately it wasn't too busy. The castle is on two different sites with steep steps up to one part then back down and another set of steep steps up to the second site. Plus a steep walk back up to the village.
Vanessa was working on Saturday and Emily stayed home to revise for her upcoming mock exams but Simon and I had a great day out on our own.
 Look at the beauty of the coastlline.
Walk up and down those steps every day would get you fit quickly.
This day out reminded me that we really must make the effort to drive up to the north coast more often. One of my favourite beaches is near Tintagel.

What did you do this weekend?


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Love your photos :-) I got married in Tintagel and we had photos done at the castle ruins.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's amazing. I bet your wedding photos are stunning. Tough walk out there though (or am I just way too unfit?)