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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Jellyfish Shawl

Do you subscribe to The Knitter? If you do, you will have seen my Jellyfish Shawl, which was the subscribers only pattern in issue 55. But for those of you who don't subscribe, the Jellyfish Shawl is now available to purchase from The Making Spot.
The Jellyfish Shawl is a crescent shape shawl worked from the hem up. It starts with a wide lacy border with a lace motif which reminded me of jelly fish. I grew up in Norway and for a number of years we lived right next to the Oslo fjord. In fact, for a few years the house we lived in had it's own private beach. I spent a lot of time playing on the beach and on the rocks sticking out into the water. We used to get a lot of jellyfish. Nasty orange ones which stung, I got really badly hurt by a few of those. Clear ones which were harmless and blue ones which also stung. I was fascinated by these graceful creatures which were beautiful but also very painful if you brushed against them.
The jellyfish motif has a few rows where there's lace patterning on both right and wrong sides, which is true knitted lace. A lot of knitters find not having any 'plain rows' between lace rows a bit scary but it's actually not as bad as it seems. And its less than half of each pattern repeat. The lace motifs are actually very simple. Once you've finished the wide lace border, the crescent shape is achieved by working a combination of short rows and decreases in garter stitch.
I listed Jellyfish on Ravelry yesterday and every time I've checked since (and this can get a bit obsessive) it's been on Ravelry's Hot Right Now page. Last time I checked it was no 12. Get clicking on it and it'll stay there and maybe even climb higher.
Leni knitted this sample for me in Rooster Delightful Lace which is truly delightful. I love everything about this yarn, the alpaca/silk blend is so soft and silky and the delicate blue colour is very elegant. 

If you don't subscribe to The Knitter, you can purchase the Jellyfish Shawl here. And why not get a subscription so you don't miss out on future subscriber only patterns. And did you know that a lot of my former The Knitter and Simply Knitting patterns can be purchases from The Making Spot.


Unknown said...

So nice for spring !

Sea said...

Sooner or later I will get around to using the beautiful laceweight wool my friend sent me from USA. I think there might be enough for Jelly fish, and I have the pattern from The Knitter. It's beautiful

Liz said...

That is so delicate! Beautiful!