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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Radio Silence

Not quite sure what happened but we seem to have had nearly a week of 'radio silence'. Yes I've been busy but not too busy to blog. I had things to blog about, I took some photos, I even edited a few. But for some reason I never quite got around to actually writing a blog post. So let's take a look and see what's been happening since last time. 

Remember, before Christmas I blogged about a new book, Classic Elite, Shawls, Wraps & Scarves?  Well, the book came. I immediately grabbed a cup of Hot Chocolate and a snack and sat down for a browse.
It's a beautiful book published by Sixth and Springs Books and all the designs feature Classic Elite yarn. This was my first time of knitting with Classic Elite but I certainly hope it won't be the last time.  My contribution to this book was a trio of lace designs. The idea behind the book was to take one idea or a yarn and present it in 3 different ways. I chose a stitch pattern ad designed a shawlette, a wrap and a cowl.

You can see all the designs here and buy the book here (that link takes you through to the UK Amazon site). Read my full blog post here.

If there is one thing I have more than enough of it's little knitting bags. I have a big stash of them and yes, a lot of them are in use. But when i saw this little cute bag in Michele's shop I just had to have it. It's just so cheerful. 
I also gave in to some yarn last week. I had a skein of Shilasdair I got at Ally Pally last October but I just didn't know what to do with it. I looked at the other colours available and decided to order 2 more colours in the same yarn. It didn't take me long to cast on for a new stripey shawl but it did take a few attempts to decide exactly what this yarn wanted to be. I'm on the right track now though. I've not done much more since this pic was taken though.
When i ordered the Shilasdair, some Quince & Co Tern just happened to get added on to my order. Completely by mistake. I'm sure we all have those mishaps. Anyway, it's gorgeous. No idea what to do with it yet but I'm sure I'll find something soon.

I promised myself I wouldn't cast on anything new until I finished something and on Saturday I finished my new lace shawl. I had planned this to be the shawl for the Lace Lovers Club April shipment but as I was knitting on it I decided it'd be perfect for a mystery KAL. Anyone interested in doing a mini-kal (I'm thinking 3 weeks) in March? i still need to take photos and get the pattern edited so we won't start till probably mid-March. This morning I cast on for something else for the Lace Lovers Club April shipment. (the February parcels will be going out tomorrow). 
Then on Sunday I finished the Love Hearts Shawl (not sure if that'll be the actual name or not). I've blocked it now and I love it. A friend saw it blocking and was impressed (my knitting doesn't normally impress her).
On Sunday we headed out for a photoshoot. We drove to Altarnun on Bodmin Moor, it's a beautiful little village. We shot 3 designs but it was so windy we gave up. I'm not sure if the photos we did get will be good enough. I'm hoping we can try again this weekend. I've got a stack of things to photograph.
So now we're all caught up, I'm going to go and knit and hopefully I'll be back on my regular blogging schedule now. What have you been up to?

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