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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Lace Skirt

Last week I heard reports that the new issue of the Debbie Bliss Magazine was out and my copy arrived on my door step this morning. This is an amazing issue. I've read every issue of the Debbie Bliss magazine since it started and this is the best issue yet. Interesting articles and lots of great designs for adults and kids.

The magazine features several designs by Debbie and guest designers including a design by me.
 I was so excited when Debbie asked me to design a skirt for this issue. I was also slightly terrified. Why? Because I've never designed a skirt before. Designing a skirt is more challenging than a sweater or even a dress. 

The photos are beautiful and I'm really happy with the result. The skirt features panels of diagonal eyelets on a stocking stitch background with an elastic waist band and a button band, which means you can show a lot of leg or just a little big of leg.  As the skirt is knitted from the top down, it's easy to adjust the length too. The skirt has an A-line shape and is very flattering.
It's cold and blustery with hail showers here today. And I've heard there is snow in other parts of the country. So sitting down with the Spring Summer issue of the Debbie Bliss Magazine and a cup of your favourite hot drink dreaming of summer sounds like a good thing right now. I'm off to make a cup of hot chocolate to drink while I read the magazine.

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