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Monday, January 28, 2013


We continue last week's theme of lace shawls. I'm so thrilled to finally release 'Gloriana' from The Beads & Lace Collection. For those who pre-ordered the collection I do apologise for the long delay. A number of issues have contributed and I won't dwell on those here. I'm hoping the final pattern in this collection will be available later this week or early next week.
Gloriana is named after the Royal Rowing Boat in the Queens Jubilee Flotilla last summer and is a majestic shawl with beads, bold lace patterns and a delicate crochet chain cast off. You can do a regular stretchy cast off if you prefer. If you've never done a crochet chain cast off before, watch my video tutorial. I've got a video tutorial on how to add beads too.
Gloriana is worked from the top down and shaped by working increases on every other row. At the centre back there is a insertion panel which gives the shawl what I call a hybrid triangular shape adding some shoulder shaping and it makes the shawl much easier to wear.
 You can purchase the pattern separately or pre-order the complete collection at £9 (the price will increase to £12 once all the patterns are available). If you pre-order all the patterns currently available (6 out of the 7 patterns) will be immediately available to you.
Want a beautiful shawl pin to wear with your beautiful lace shawls? I've got a great selection of Nicholas & Felice shawl pins in sterling silver, lightweight aluminium and brass. The pins are light weight and have no sharp edges, making them perfect for delicate lace shawls but they're also sturdy enough to use instead of buttons on cardigans.
I'm also doing a series of small shop updates this week. Keep an eye on the New Arrivals page to see what's new.

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