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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Goldiggings - new pattern

Another pattern in The Beads & Lace Collection is ready. I've called this design 'Goldiggings' named after a quarry on Bodmin Moor which is full of water. 

The Goldiggings quarry is near where I lived when I first moved to Cornwall in 1990 and in the summer it's a popular place for swimming. The water is freezing but our kids love going swimming there. The dog even jumps in sometimes.

 One winter, before we had kids, the water froze and Simon and I walked on the ice. It's very rare for it to get cold enough here for the ice to freeze enough to walk on.
The 'Goldiggings' shawlette is worked sideways and takes just one skein of sock yarn. I used my own Supreme Sock which is perfect for this shawl. There are beaded edgings added at the beginning and end of every row as well as regular eyelet rows. So although the pattern is easy you don't get bored. 
You increase regularly until you've used up half your yarn then start decreasing, which makes it easy to customise to other yarn weights and amounts than those stated in the pattern.
Why not treat yourself to this pattern and knit it for yourself over Christmas and New Year? The pattern is available individually and as part of The Beads & Lace Collection, which is still available at the pre-order price.

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