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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting organised!

I'm working on getting more organised at the moment. I'm trying to tidy up and organise my little studio/office which really is tiny. I have 2 notice boards on the wall but they'r full of junk and out of date stuff. 

 One of my ongoing problems is running out of time to submit to magazines and yarn companies because I forget the deadline or they clash with design deadlines so I don't have time to swatch etc. As a result I've submitted to very few magazines lately and that means that work will very quickly dry up. 

So today I took it all off and organised it. I also put up another notice board which was Vanessa's old one but she didn't want it. On the notice boards I've pinned all my 'Calls for designs' from various magazines and yarn companies. I'm hoping if it's easy to see I'll remember to do them. I've also put all  the dates in my diary and my wall calendar.
Another organisational tool I'm trying is Asana. I've downloaded it on my phone and i've set it up on my laptop. It's designed for small teams but I've heard from other designers that it works well for single persons too. So I'm trying it out. At the moment I'm just entering deadlines and learning how to use it. So not sure how useful it'll be yet.

What are your top tips for organising your life? Tell me in the comments.

I've done quite a bit more knitting on the Arctic Qiviut cowl but I forgot to take pics before it got too dark so you'll have to make do with Monday's photo. I did a little bit in yesterday's Easy Lace workshop at Spin A Yarn and in the evening at home. It's at least double in length now. 
Today i've been doing a lot of crochet swatching for a deadline which is why I'm still working at nearly 10pm. I've just sent it off. If I was more organised I'd have it sent off days ago. The swatches were fun to crochet but ended up being huge and it's taken me most of today to get them done.

Tomorrow I'm off to hospital for a small op on my mouth. I'm having 2 teeth out and an operation on a root canal. I'm not having a root canal done. The root canal was done earlier this year but several of my roots have a little hook at the bottom so the surgeon is going in to snip off that little hook as it keeps causing abscesses. I've had it one on another tooth before but that was done in a specialist dental surgery with local anasthetics and I was able to drive myself home afterwards. This time it's a bit more difficult because of the location so I'm going in to hospital and I'll be having sedation as well as local anasthetic. At least I'm not having a general anasthetic this time. Once a year is enough (I had a gall bladder op in March). I should be out of hospital within a couple of hours but I'll be taking my knitting just in case.


jacqui said...

Hope your mouth feels better soon! Thanks for the tip about Asana - it looks like a really useful tool :)

Ann said...

Hope everything went well in the hospital. Take care.

Dori said...

Some organization ideas: colour code magazines on your calendar as to when different ones want submissions in. I use Thunderbird for my email and it has a handy calendar and reminder system, but any reminder system works. Maybe on your phone? The ones you can set for days ahead are most useful. Your boards are fantastic if you can keep them up to date. Best of luck with staying organised!