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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Spinning in the sunshine!

The girls went back to school today and the weather was glorious. In fact, it's been great all week and will be for the rest of the week apparently. Perhaps we will get some summer after all.

Yesterday I had lunch outside with a good friend and today I was determined to enjoy the sunshine too, although I did have some pattern writing and other computer jobs to do. This morning a friend dropped in and we enjoyed an hour or so chatting in the garden while I added some more rows to my Silky Camel stripe shawl which is growing slowly.

Then this afternoon I took my spinning wheel out to the garden. I'm still on my spinning kick and making great progress which is making me want to spin more. This morning I spent the last of my birthday money on some Interweave Spinning downloads (I wasn't patient enough to order and wait for the DVDs so ordered the instant downloads instead) and it's been tough to resist watching them today.

But back to today's spinning. I made myself a fresh tropical fruit salad of mangoes, peaches and grapes (I'm on a bit of a fruit kick at the moment too), grabbed my sun glasses, a glass of water and my phone (for my Librivox app). Turned on 'Emma' by Jane Austen audio book on my LibriVox app and spent nearly an hour spinning in the sunshine. 
 This sparkly fibre is spinning up beautifully. I'm really enjoying it and it was really sparkling in the sunshine today. I'm about 2/3 of the way through the first half now.
 Look at those pretty colours!
 The Knitter has brought out a 'Lace Collection' issue which is a compilation of their best lace patterns. The magazine contains a great variety of lace shawls, accessories and garments and articles.
 Their is a 'Who is Who of Lace Designers' and guess who's included alongside some of my favourite international designers (and one of just a handful of British based designers)?
 yes, I'm features with a little write up and above my bio is a picture of my Lauzuli shawl.
 Lazuli is one of my two patterns in this issue. Above is the original cashmere version and below the new Twinkle Lace version.
 My other design is 'Setting Sun' which was originally featured on the cover of The Knitter and was my first The Knitter cover.
Tomorrow I'll be opening up The Lace Lovers Club for sign ups so don't forget to stop by or sign up to the newsletter to be informed.


Rhian Drinkwater said...

Ooh, I worked on the Lace Collection, I was the production editor. Glad you liked it!

Well done with your willpower, hope you get to enjoy the videos soon.

Grace said...

Your yarn is turning out beautifully! I love spinning outside, it is so calming!

Sea said...

Re: the KNitter Lace collection...If I have all issuues of The Knitter, do I have all the patterns? As far as you know.

Ann said...

That's a perfect spinning setting! I could sit there the whole day.