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Monday, September 24, 2012

Cover of Simply Knitting

Last week my copy of Simply Knitting 98 arrived and my design, Flight Of The Swan, was on the cover. This is my first cover design for Simply Knitting so I'm very excited.
This beautiful shawl is knitted in Malabrigo Lace which is gorgeous. The shawl starts with a provisional cast on. After the first half is knitted, the provisional cast on is undone and the second half is knitted in the other direction. Both ends are cast off using a crochet chain cast off which is very easy, even for non-crocheters. You can see my video demo here.
 I love the pictures Simply Knitting's photographer took. They're just so pretty. If you buy the magazine Twist Yarns are offering a discount on Malabrigo Lace but you'll have to buy the magazine to get the discount code. It's valid until 2 October so be quick.

This design was knitting by the lovely Craftie Pixie who did a great job as always. I couldn't manage without my fantastic sample knitters. They really are fantastic knitters.
This week I'll start revealing some of the designs in the Beads & Lace Collection so keep an eye on the blog.

1 comment:

Margreet said...

Hi Anniken, I love the design of this shawl and I am on my sixth attempt to try this. When I follow the directions and start with 78 stiches I already have to stiches left at the end as the pattern is only 76 stiches. So after 5 attempts with 78 stiches, I know tried it with 76 stiches. Then the first needle goes fine, but after a few needles I keep getting extra stiches at the end of of a needle. It says for instance 12 purls at the end, but I have 15 stiches at the end. The middle looks fantastic, but especially the left side looks a bit messy. How can I solve this? Count the extra stiches and start with the pattern after I stiched the extra stiches. I want to make this scarf for my friends birthday, enjoy doing it, but I get a bit frustrated by doing this.

Margreet (Netherlands)