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Friday, September 28, 2012

A Few Of My Favourite Things

I love knitting gadgets and accessories and there are so many lovely indie companies out there who make and/or sell some great stuff. So I thought I'd start a regular (not sure how regular it'll be) series on my favourite knitting accessories and useful gadgets.

I thought I'd start with some very useful little things from The Sexy Knitter. Sarah is a talented, American designer and also has an Etsy shop which specialises in cool Knitters and Crocheters Tool Tins and other little notions.

I've had a Knitters Tool Tin for a while and it lives in my handbag but when I ordered 2 more for presents I decided to treat myself to a tool tin with a picture of my yarn on it. That's the one you can see below. Sarah liked the picture and asked for my permission to use it on her tool tins. So you can now get your own Tool Tin with a pic of my yarn on it. You can also request one with your own picture on it. The Tool Tins have knitting or crochet related pictures on the front. Inside there's a tape measure, sewing needles, a tiny crochet hook (for rescuing dropped stitches), a pair of tiny scissors, stitch markers, stitch holder and a cable needle. In other words all the essentials you'll need when you take your knitting out and about with you. I keep one in my hand bag. You could also pop one in your project bag.
The most useful tools in the Tool Tin are these little crochet hook and mini scissors. I got a couple of extra crochet hooks as they're so useful. Several of my knitting friends loved my scissors so I ordered a bunch of those and they've been snapped up by members of my knitting group and knitting friends. If you decide to treat yourself to a Tool Tin, I'd get an extra pair of mini scissors as they're so useful to slip into your project bag. It's sharp enough to cut yarn but the blades are small enough to be allowed on air planes and they've got a little plastic cover to keep the blades protected.
I also treated myself to a knitters notebook. This notebook with a knitterly picture on the front has blank pages and will become my new sketch book once my current one is full.
I've got a huge selection of knitting project bags and really didn't need any more. But when I saw Sarah's new knitting bags I had to try them. They're made of slightly 'quilted' fabric and have a bit main compartment which will easily fit a shawl project or socks or any other small projects especially if you use circular needles (or dpns). On the front there is a smaller zipped pocket. I'm using this bag for a beaded shawl, it's actually the small version of the 2012 YarnAddict Mystery Shawl and I quite often find that beads, crochet hooks and stitch counters get tangled up in the yarn or knitting so I'm keeping them all in this front pocket. Very useful. It can also hold your folded pattern. The bags come in 4 different designs right now. See them all here.

If you can't quite justify treating yourself right now, then don't forget Christmas is coming soon - yes, I know, I don't like talking about Christmas in September either but it'll be here quicker than we think. Pointing friends or family in the direction of Sarah's shop is a good idea or perhaps, like me, you are looking for a present for a knitting friend? Two of my knitting friends will be getting some treats from Sarah this Christmas.


Grace said...

I love those knitting notebooks, they are adorable! Also, the notions boxes are cute! Fun accessories!

Ann said...

Thanks for the review. I love knitting accessories too.