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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stunning Lace & Shawl Pins

Last night I blocked my Silky Camel Shawl which I've decided to call 'Gloriana'. Gloriana was the name of the Royal rowing boat in the Queens Jubilee Flotilla and it was a very beautiful boat. I was knitting on this shawl while watching the flotilla and I just felt the name fitted this shawl.
 When i blocked it last night I didn't quite feel the love for this shawl the way I'd thought I would but when I unpinned it today I realised it was gorgeous.
 It has lots of beads and a delicate crochet chain edging. For the first time I added beads to the crochet chain cast off.
It was too wet today to take photos outside so I did the best I can inside. I've borrowed a friend's dress form to use for Woolfest so I pulled it over to the widow and snapped away. 
 I'm planning a proper photoshoot sometime in July. I can't quite decide whether or not to take this shawl to Woolfest with me. Simon says I shouldn't display samples if I don't have the pattern but I'm keen to display this one as a preview of the Beaded Lace collection due to be published in August and also it's the only sample i have using the Silky Camel Lace.
 Below is the motif running up the centre back.
A new parcel of shawl pins arrived today. Two boxes were posted on the same day and one has now arrived. It'll be interesting to see how long the second one takes. Last time the first box arrived 2 weeks before the second box (both were posted on the same day then too. I was charged customs charges on the first box but not the second box, yet it took 2 weeks longer). I'm desperately hoping the second parcel arrives in time for Woolfest next week, which means it'll have to be here on Monday or Tuesday. I'm not holding my breath though.
 I've ordered some old favourites and some new pins this time. Above is one of 2 sterling silver pins. The sterling silver pins are much smaller than the aluminium pins and are also more expensive but they are so gorgeous. Below is the sterling silver Celtic Infinity Loop pin on the left and the aluminium pin on the right. Both pins are extremely light and perfect to wear with delicate lace shawls.
 Below is another sterling silver pin, the Yin Yang Harmony. It's so pretty.
Last time i ordered pins I got some dinky brass pins and they sold out straight away so I've go some more. The Celtic Double Crossed Loops shawl pin is below:
 I've got a dinky dragonfly pin too. This one is just stunning and i want to keep it for myself.
Below you can see the Little Dragonfly (brass) pin next to the standard Dragonfly (copper):
 And I've got a Little Celtic Looping Crossed Knots pin:
See how much smaller it is than the standard Celtic Looping Crossed Knots pin:

You can find all the shawl pins here. If you see anything you like, I'd get it quickly as the shawl pins sell out quickly. I'm closing the shop on Tuesday to take all the stock to Woolfest with me. I'm envisaging that these pins will be popular at Woolfest as last year I kept getting questions as to whether I stocked them. I used some of my own Nicholas and Felice shawl pins to display my shawls.

My hands have been hurting this week. I can't quite work out why. Not sure if it's the long purl rows on the 'Gloriana' shawl or all the yarn dyeing I've done this week. Fortunately I can still knit but I've got some sweaters that need sewing up and that's caused more of a problem but my hands are improving. 

Now that Gloriana is off the needles I've turned my focus to finishing the beaded lace stole. This is another pattern for the beaded lace collection. It has 2 identical halves. I'm working on the second half now. You can't see the beads in this picture but it has a lot of beads and I think it'll be stunning. 
 I'm progressing well on the Schoppel Wolle shawl too. It's a quick knit at the moment. I'm trying to only work on it when I'm out or if I need something easy to knit. Below you can see the first colour change. This yarn has very long stretches of colour and I must admit I wish it was a bit more colourful. So far there's been a lot of black but there is some brighter blue and some purple coming up soon.
 See the beads? These two pics are unblocked and I decided it would be good to see what it would like blocked.
 So I blocked it on the needles. You can see the eyelet rows better now.
 And look at those pretty, bright beads. I love them!
Earlier this week I listed Amala from Interweave Knit.Wear on Ravelry and for a few days it was frequently on the 'Hot Right Now' on Ravelry. I kept clicking on the page and checking and one time I checked Amala wa in the top 5 (the top row below). That's the first time I've seen one of my designs in the top 5. 
Sorbet was on the Hot Right Now page for several days too but didn't quite make it up to the top row. It was in the top 15-30 for several days though, you can see it below in the second row:

I understand that Sorbet has been a hit in the Let's Knit offices this week. I think some of the staff rather like this shawl. I must admit it would cheer me up wearing it this week, the weather has been rather dreary.


Sea said...

All gorgeous as ever. Still trying to pluck up the courage to make something with the skein of yarn my friend brought me from USA. It has almost 1500m in it!

Ann said...

Gorgeous pins. I love the colorful beads on the Schoppel Wolle shawl.

Holli Yeoh said...

Gloriana is beautiful. I say take it with you to Woolfest and get people to either purchase the pattern in advance (perhaps with a discount) or to sign up to be informed when it be comes available.

Cybèle said...

Gloriana is beautiful. Would make a stunning wedding shawl - I think it's the colour that made me think of it - if I had to wear a wedding dress again, I'd go for a cream colour like that.