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Saturday, June 02, 2012

In the frog pond!

Oh yes, the Sekku shawl ended up in the frog pond one more time this week. I just didn't like the shaping I'd decided on after the lace edging. Just wasn't working so I frogged it one more time. I've now gone for short row crescent shape and apart from one small mistake which I fixed easily, it's going well. 
The short row section knits up very quickly. I've decided not to use beads on the short row section but there will be some more beads and lace at the top.

I've kind of been a bit addicted to this shawl since my last blog post. I've not been home much and this is an easy project to work on when I'm out and about. This weekend I will be focusing on 2 other lace projects though and my secret project which I need to finish.

I've also been working on my new online Professional Finishing Techniques course. I'm hoping to announce sign ups soon. I think it will be run in late June or early July if I can finish recording the videos this week. I set everything up to do some recording earlier but forgot to charge camera and only managed one recording before the battery ran out.

Another thing I'm working on is a logo for the course or perhaps a logo for all my online courses. I can't draw at all so I'm useless at this kind of thing. Not good enough to make it on the computer either. Perhaps I ought to have a logo competition. Anyone has any ideas for a good logo for my classes? Talking about logos, I could do with a proper logo for my designs too. If you think you can help let me know.

I've sent out a newsletter this afternoon with a special discount to help you celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee this weekend.  Make sure you're signed up to the newsletter (see the sidebar) so you don't miss out on special offers and news.

I'm planning a relaxing weekend. If it's sunny we'll be spending a lot of it at the lake with Simon and the girls sailing and kayaking and me knitting on the shore. I don't do water sports. What are you doing? and what will you be knitting? I'll be making some more progress on this:

and this:

Looking for a new knit this weekend? Why not knit the Celebration Stole? It only takes 800m/100 gr lace weight yarn and is fairly easy. The stole is knitted in two halves and grafted together in the middle.

Here in the UK we've got a 4 day weekend so to all my UK readers have a great Jubilee weekend and to all my readers not in the UK, enjoy your regular weekend and try not to be too jealous of us on Monday and Tuesday when you're back at work and we're still enjoying our long weekend. Have fun x

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Sea said...

Beautiful projects as usual. I'm thinking of doing a bit of sewing instead of knitting this next week, as I'm off work.