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Friday, June 29, 2012

Buttons & Knitting!

I think I mentioned that one of my purchases at Woolfest was buttons from Textile Garden. I love their buttons but buying them online is not easy so whenever I see them at shows I stock up. I didn't have anything specific in mind when I chose this. I just chose styles and colours I liked. 
 When I design for magazines I often don't know what yarn colour I'll be using until the yarn arrives so I like having a button stash in various colours so I have something suitable. But the gorgeous buttons below will be for a design for me. I'm planning a design using my Silky Camel Lace knitted on my knitting machine and I want to use these buttons, unless they're too big for the delicate lace yarn.
 Before we went to Cumbria I ordered some more Miracle beads in some colours I love. I don't have a specific design in mind at the moment but I'm sure i'll come up with something soon. I've got a couple of skeins of yarn put aside which would be perfect with the pink and purple.
 I got 2 different sizes and 4 different colours. These beads can be expensive so they'll only be used in small amounts for an edging probably.
Almost all of my knitting in the last 2 weeks have been focused on 2 beaded designs and I can't believe they're still not off the needles. Although I've not had that much time to knit lately. I'll knit on them this weekend, then on Monday I need to cast on for a couple of new secret projects.

I had a couple of hick ups with the Schoppell Wolle miracle bead shawl. I had a plan then last weekend realised that plan wasn't going to work. So I tried out a couple half a dozen or so other options which were quickly discarded. I now have a new plan and I'm keen to get this shawl finished now. I think I've only got about 1/3 or 1/4 of the yarn left so I'm getting there. Tomorrow, if the weather is dry, we'll be meeting some friends at the lake for kayakking/sailing. I'll be taking this shawl and hopefully make some serious progress.
I took the fine beaded stole to Cumbria with me last weekend but hardly touched it at all. It was supposed to be my evening hotel knitting but most days i was too tired to knit much in the evenings. I've done a fair bit on it since we got home. Think i've got 2 1/2 repeats left to do. I'm halfway through a repeat now and I'm keen to finish it before I go to bed tonight.
See that owl bag above, peeking out behind the shawl? I've got a couple of owl bags and love them. The owl bag above is from Three Bags Full. Michele does amazing bags and when I saw a new owl bag in different colours I had to have it. My new owl bag is below. I love the pink colours. Michele's Tall Mia bag size is perfect for my lace designs and i've got several of them now.
There may be some more owl bags on the way to me from somewhere else too. 

I'm not a graphic designer and sometimes i think I ought to hire one. I didn't have time for this though. It's time for Spin A Yarn's autumn newsletter to get printed. I've had an ad in the last few issues and decided it was time for a new ad. So this morning I played around and came up with this. Is it any good?
 I wanted to show off one of the designs for my Beads & Lace Collection but haven't had the proper photo shoot done yet so I headed out in the garden this morning and took some pics. I'm reasonably happy with this one.
I sent out a newsletter yesterday. I had a lot of new subscribers this week but a lot of the e-mails bounced so if you were expecting the newsletter and didn't get it, you can read it here but please do double check you entered your e-mail address correctly. 

I've been very busy recording more videos for my online Professional Finishing Techniques which starts soon.  Continental Knitting with Norwegian Purl starts on Monday. Sign up now!

What are you knitting this weekend? Have a great weekend x

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