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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Walking On Sunshine

It's been amazing weather all week and this morning we got up early to walk the dog before it got too hot. We chose a walk about 15 mins drive away.  It's a mainly shady walk along a river. 
The photos are taken with my mobile phone so they're not great. The sun shining on the river was beautiful. It was very ,very busy though. Lots of dog walkers had the same idea as us.
 This walk is also very flat, there are benches dotted along the river, which is perfect for me when my back starts hurting. There's also plenty of dog bins and a 'pooh bag' dispenser.
 We saw lots of dogs going for a swim in the river. Simon went in for a paddle and Sam joined him. Sam used to hate going in the water but these days she seems to enjoy paddling but not swimming. Although she did go far enough out to have to swim a bit today.

 A pleasant start to a sunny weekend.
In knitting news - I ripped back, again, the Noro Sekku shawl from the last post. That's the third time I've ripped it back. I'll tell you on Monday if it's 4th time lucky for this design or if I've scrapped it. This time I only ripped back as far as the bead row. That row took me a long time to complete so I was keen to preserve it. I've re-charted the pattern and done a few more rows and I'm much happier. Although I've just finished a pattern row and I'm several stitches out. Finding a mistake in 300+ sts is a nightmare. I've gone through the row and no mistakes so I must have had the wrong stitch count to start with which means taking back this row and it's a bead row so it'll be slow progress.  At least I can watch Monaco Grand Prix F1 qualifying.

Enjoy your weekend x

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