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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Our Weekend In Wales

We had a fabolous weekend in Wales. We left a day early so we could spend Friday sight seeing before we set up for the show. On Thursday when we got to Builth Wells we explored the town before heading to the B&B.

On Thursday we woke up to rain so we decided to explore the Brecon Beacons. I've forgotten the place names we visited now and I'd need to get the road map in from the car to remember them and I'm too lazy so please forgive me.

Our first stop was a small lake which had a water sports centre. We just had a quick wander around in the mud. There were more swans there than I've ever seen in one place before.
Everywhere we looked there were swans.

And beautiful views.
 Swans hiding:

 This cracked us up. Two swans kept diving under water and for some reason we found it very funny.
 Look at all those swans.
 We drove on and stopped at another lake which was beautiful.

It was raining by then so we walked across the dam and got back in the car.

We stopped in Brecon and looked at Brecon cathedral which was beautiful.

Then in the afternoon we went and set up for the show before going to the cinema to see 'Carnage' which was a strange film but very funny.

Wonderwool Wales took place Saturday and Sunday. Here's our stall:

 Above is our sock yarn table and below the lace table.
 We displayed as many shawls as we could and put some different shawls up on Sunday.
It was a fantastic show despite the awful weather. Sunday in particular was particularly wet and cold. Saturday was very busy. The stall was full of people from about 11am to 3pm. I met lots of old & new online friends. It's great being able to meet knitters I've only spoken to online. I'm useless remembering names so I'm not going to name any because I'll just forget but it was great to meet you all.

Sunday was incredibly cold, it felt like we were outside. I spent the day wishing I'd brought a pair of hand-knitted socks. I think the cold and wet weather kept a few people away as it was very quiet. The second day of two day shows are always quieter but this was unusually quiet. Well done to the knitters who came for the day though.

We enjoyed Wonderwool this year and are really hoping we can attend again next year. Thank you to all those who came by and said hello and who bought yarn and patterns.

If you missed out on going to the show, I've nearly finished uploading the shop with all the left over yarns. There is lots of lace and sock yarns left. Take a look. UK postage prices went up yesterday but I haven't had time to adjust our postage prices yet. I will be increasing the postage charges on Thursday or Friday though (most likely to be Friday), so order while the postage is cheap.

A couple of customers have told me they've had problems logging in to their accounts in the shop. If you're having that problem please let me know. I'm trying to sort it out.


Sarah said...

One of my favourite stands! Thankyou for your help.

Anni Howard said...

The stall looks wonderful, Anni - the colours are beautiful and the shawls just stunning. I hope we will meet up one day (no excuses for not remembering my name though! lol)
Anni x

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Secret Sheep. What's your 'real life' name?

Anni, no I definitely won't forget your name. Hope we'll get a chance to meet soon. Will you be at Woolfest?

Anni Howard said...

Unfortunately not, it's too far for me this year - I'm intending to visit Fibre East this summer and of course Ally Pally in October. Hopefully we can meet up at one of those, if not before?

Ann said...

Your stall looks great with all those gorgeous shawls.

Alison said...

Your stand was lovely, I keep looking at the patterns I bought from you, but have a few things to do before I can start one. Ali Hodges