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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shawl Pins Are Back

I've been a big fan of the shawl pins hand-made by 'Nicholas & Felice' for several years now and last year when I had the opportunity to stock these pins I was thrilled to be able to share them with you. My first 2 shipments sold out very quickly and I'm stocking up again. I placed a big order and half the order has arrived.

The shawl pins have been mentioned in The Knitter this month too. You can find all the shawl pins in stock here.

This time I ordered some new styles and here are two of my favourites. The 'Little Treble Clef' (only 1 in the shop right now but there's more coming) is so cute. It's the smallest of all the pins measuring only 3.5 cm long. 
 Another cute little shawl pin is the 'Little Celtic Heart' which measures 4 cm long.
 Another brass pin I really like is this 'Celtic Knot Infinity Swirl'.
 The 'Groovy Flower' pin is probably the most popular shawl pin and I've had one of these for years.
 The Looping Celtic Crossed Knots shawl pins now come in a choice of aluminium, copper and brass. This is another one I've got my eyes on.

When I first saw the Dragonfly shawl pins I knew I wanted to keep one for myself. I've got both the Brass and Copper ones in stock right now.

 Another favourite is the 'Madonna Swirl' shawl pin which is the smalles of the aluminium pins I've got.
The shawl pins are hand-made from aluminium, brass and copper in the US by artisans Nicholas & Felice.

You may be thinking, 'these shawl pins are pretty but I don't really wear shawls'. Don't worry, you can wear it as a fastening on a cardigan or waste coat or just as a pin on your favourite knitted sweater. I had a new magazine design hanging on my dress form on Monday and I hadn't chose buttons yet so I used my Groovy Flower pin to hold the fronts together and it looked really good.

These pins make excellent gifts too. I bought my Mum one for her birthday last autumn and she loved it.

I'll have the pins at Wonderwool but I bet they'll sell quickly, so if you see something you love, don't wait too long. My first order which arrived the Monday before Christmas sold out in 5 days, the second lot sold out in 2-3 weeks. So I'm not expecthing these pins to hang around for long.

Want to see what they look like on my shawls? Here are some pics from my January photoshoot:

A brass Dragonfly pin on my Cappuccinno Stripe Shawlette:
 Copper Looping Celtic Crossed Knots pin on Blossom:
 Groovy Flower on Crystal Cascade:

 Madonna Swirl on Rosebud:
 Celtic Hearts & Swirls on Setting Sun (this pin is now sold out, but the Spiral Love Heart is very similar.

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Ann said...

I love these pins too & bought one last year.