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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Weekend Crochet & Spinning

Do you fancy joining a KAL? I suggested doing a KAL (knitalong) for Mar Menor on my Ravelry group. Join the discussion and if you fancy another pattern KAL, suggest it here. If you're not a Ravelry member you'll have to join but it's free (and great).

At the beginning of this year I decided to set aside Sundays for non-work knitting. I've not been very good at sticking to it lately because of deadlines but this weekend I was determined. I did plan to finish my sock in progress but on Saturday afternoon I fancied doing some crochet. I have a granny square blanket in progress so thought I'd do a few more squares.
 The blanket is worked in Artesano Superwash Merino as i had a lot of colours and they do such a big selection of gorgeous colours and it's nice and squishy, a bit thicker than standard dk and lovely to crochet with. I've been trying to use as many colours as possible. The idea is not to make any two squares the same. I can use the same colours but not in the same order. The pale lemon for the outside round helps tie it all together.
 This weekend I ran out of the lemon. I thought i had some more but I can't find it so I'm getting some more today when I'm visiting Spin A Yarn. I carried on making some more little squares though & I'll join them tonight when I have the lemon.
 Pretty little stack, eh? These are so quick to make and because they're so quick to finish, even though the final blanket is nowhere near finished it feels like an accomplishment and that you've completed something.
 I'm aiming to have this finished by next autumn. I'd like a blanket big enough to snuggle under on the sofa.
 I love granny squares especially in lots of different colours. The idea for this blanket came from a variety of blanket I saw on various blogs who use the same idea.
 Then on Sunday evening I decided to do some spinning. I bought a fluffy green & gold batt from FeltStudio UK at Woolfest last summer and I've been spinning this for a while. I've nearly finished the first batt. This is all that's left.
 I'm spinning it fairly fine. I'm aiming for a 2ply laceweight. Here's my first bobbin.
Crocheting and spinning wasn't all I did this weekend. On Saturday Simon got up unusually early for a weekend. I'm always up early but usually relax and knit for a couple of hours. It was sunny outside so Simon and I decided to take Sam for a walk. We drove up to Golitha Falls which is 10 mins drive away on Bodmin Moor.
 Sam had a great time as she found lots of other dogs to play with. In fact she was friendlier than normal. With one dog she got very friendly, a bit too friendly and we had to separate them very quickly. Sam is 10 yrs old now and I do not want puppies. We've hardly ever noticed when she's been in season but I did wonder if she might be in season now as she's not been that friendly with other dogs for a long time.
 Towards the end of our walk it started drizzling so we quickly made our way back to the car.
 But it was a lovely way to start the weekend. Fancy a bit of Golitha Falls in your life? I've got a pattern named Golitha Falls. You can see it here.
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