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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vines - A Quince & Co Design

Have you heard of Quince &  Co? You will have done if you've been reading my blog for the last month. Over Christmas I went on a Quince & Co binge. I knitted the Wayfarer Mittens in Chickadee and the Cappuccino Stripe Shawlette in Tern. I also had a secret knit on the go over Christmas and I can finally reveal it: beautiful infinity scarf in Lark. This was a great 'on the go' knitting. I knitted on this everywhere: at the pub while we were waiting for the Boxing Day Hunt, in church, in the car, watching TV, chatting with friends.
 'Vines' features a reversible woven cable stitch pattern which is really fun to knit. The pattern looks the same on both sides of the fabric which is great for scarves.
 I used 4 skeins of Lark but you can easily make the scarf longer or shorter by using more or less wool. Lark is a 100% American Wool and is gorgeous to knit with and perfect for cables. 'Vines' starts with a provisional cast on and is knitted flat then the ends are grafted together at the end. But you can do a regular cast on and seam the ends together if you prefer. You can ofcourse not join the ends and wear it as a regular scarf.
The patterns is available here, this is the Ravelry link and you can see the whole 'Scarves, Etc' collection here.

Quince & Co isn't that easily available in the UK yet but Loop in London is my pusher I mean supplier. They've got a great selection and ship parcels very quickly.

All photos in this post are used with permission from Quince & Co.


Ann said...

Lovely cowl. You must have been so busy designing & knitting all those gorgeous patterns.

linda said...

Such a lovely cowl!

How have you found the Quince yarns for wear? I am hoping to use the Chickadee for a new project but despise pilling and am trying to find out whether it will work out.

Anonymous said...

Linda, I haven't had a chance to wear 'Vines' as it had to be sent off to Quince & Co but i have worn my Wayfarer mittens knitted in chickadee quite a lot this winter and they've worn well considering the hands are in use a lot. I've worn them driving, walking, shopping, knitting (fingerless mitts not mittens).

linda said...

Thanks for responding Ann! It does look like beautiful yarn. I am hoping to check it out in the flesh next week and will give it a go!