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Sunday, February 26, 2012

My first online class!

Want to learn to knit faster? Want to learn to knit the continental way? Want to knit like this?  My first online Continental Knitting Course is ready for sign ups. It starts on 1 March but you can sign up & catch up any time before 6 March. I've not decided how often I'll run the course in the future and whether I'll run it as a 'on demand' course or scheduled course. The course has been tested and based on the feedback I've received I've re-shot a couple of the videos. 

During the week-long course you'll learn how to carry the yarn in your left hand and knit continental style and do Norwegian Purl. Norwegian purl keeps the yarn at the back (normal continental purl brings the yarn to the front like English knitting). Keeping the yarn at the back all the time makes combined knit/purl combinations much quicker. Ofcourse, when you learn something knew you will be slower to start with but if you put in plenty of practice you will reap rewards.

The course will be delivered in daily lessons. Watching the videos and reading through the material will only take a few minutes but how successful you are depends on how much time you set aside to practice. I recommend several short periods of practice on a daily basis. You can go back and watch the videos after the course has finished. You also have the opportunity to ask question or e-mail me directly.

I'm offering this course at a special introductory offer price of $40 (approx £25) for this first course. Normally courses will be priced at $50. You can live anywhere in the world and still take this course. Time zones doesn't matter as you can view the videos and material at any time. Sign up here.

 Earlier in the week I promised pics of my current wip as it wasn't a secret one. Well, before I had a chance to take progress pics I finished it. I ran out of beads on the cast off row and had to call the shop I bought them from to get them to send more.
 I'm not revealing pictures of the complete shawlette yet, mainly because i haven't taken any proper shots yet. But you can see some of the stitches and the pretty beaded, picot cast off.
 I haven't even decided no a name yet. But this is the last design in the Amazing Luxury Knits Subscription. If you've signed up you'll get this pattern automatically in March. If you've not signed up you can still do it now. By the end of March I'll put this collection into an e-book for all subscribers to download.
If you're keen to get ready for when this pattern is released, it's knitted out of one skein of Araucania Botany Lace (which despite the name is actually sock yarn) and 4mm needles. For the edging I used illusion/miracle beads. They're much bigger than any beads I've used before but I love the result and the colours are so pretty.

Thank you to everyone for their support about the whole kal media/All Craft Media/Knit/Inside Crochet situation. I and all the other designers involved really appreciate it. This article summarizes the situation nicely.


Ann said...

Congratulations on your 1st Online Course !

Sarah Knits said...

I have thoroughly tested this course out now and highly recommend it. I have been practising quite a lot and my speed has really picked up. If you have never tried continental knitting before then give this a go!

I have already ordered the yarn for this shawl and it so happens I have a spare set of 4mm needles - roll on March! It looks really lovely Anni and I can't wait to get started.