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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sunday Knitting

Three years ago I knitted Emily a hat from my handspun merino/bamboo. She's worn it regularly since. But this year it's getting a bit too small for her. and she wanted a new one. Emily wore her old hat on our walk on Sunday afternoon:
The light was bad last night when I took the photos and I think I had the camera on the wrong setting.

 Last winter I spun this yarn from a Sweet Georgia Fiber club fibre. I think it's a blend of merino/bamboo/silk. My spinning is very uneven but Emily liked it and we decided months ago I'd knit a hat for her. 
As I have decided that Sundays will be no-work knitting I decided to start this hat. I thought it might be doable in a day. I'm not good at hats. I've tried making Simon several hats and they never fit. I have knitted a hat for me and I love it and Em loved her old hat but hats aren't something I enjoy making. 

I decided to cast on and knit from the top down as it was easier to get the right fit and length.

 I cast on for the hat when we got home from church and knitted for an hour or so and got past the crown increases. We then went out for a walk with the dog and when we came home I carried on with the hat and finished it while we were watching Dancing on Ice. it was a really relaxing Sunday knit.
When I got the hats out yesterday to photograph them Emily pointed out that they're almost identical. The first one (on the right) was worked from the bottom up and the new one from the top down. But the yarn looks similar, has similar stripes and about the same number of rounds of 2x2 rib (that was unintentional). The first one was knitted in one day too and on a Sunday. The same day we left for Norway for our Christmas holiday 3 years ago. we left at midnight and i remember spending all day knitting on the hat and finished it just before we left. It was supposed to be my travel knitting.

This weekend we had glorious, sunny but very, very cold weather. On Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk on the beach. When we got there it was a freezing cold, quite strong wind so we decided to walk on a country park foot path which is opposite the beach instead. I brought my camera and although the light was starting to fail I got some good photos.

This is the beach:

It was sunny in the morning but by the time we got to the beach it was clouding over.
There is a new 'fitness train' with various gym-like instruments which we had a go at:

The view from the foot path down to the beach:
 And some random pics from our walk:
 There are several ponds along the foot path:

 Simon and Em on a viewing platform by one of the ponds.
And I've had another design published. Klementina is designed for Artesano using Manos Silk blend. Thank you to Sarah for knitting the sample. This pattern is available on Ravelry and I expect it'll be available at yarn shops around the UK and European countries stocking Manos del Uruguay yarns.

 Klementina is a very simple shrug with a simple but beautiful lace pattern. You can easily make it wider or narrower, longer or shorter. It's knitted sideways.
 Perfect to give your shoulders a bit of warmth on any day of the year.

Come back tomorrow for my stop on Ann Kingstone's Novel Knits Blog Tour.


Sarah Knits said...

Love the spinning, I am guessing you aren't doing a lot of it at the moment!

I loved doing the shrug and it looks really lovely on the model.

You will need an 'EORI' number to get stuff through customs from the US easily. They are free to get and a look on HM Revenue and customs website should give you more info.

Ann said...

The handspun is perfect for the hat - looks really nice. I find knitting hats from the top down is much easier.