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Monday, January 30, 2012

More from the photoshoot

I mentioned the other day that we spent 2 hours taking photos at Mount Edgecumbe in Cornwall. It was rather cold when we started at 10am but it did warm up a bit by the time we were done. We did have a very sunny day which is challenging when taking photos especially when the sun is as low as it is on a January morning.

One of my favourite shots from that day was this one of Lazuli. Considering that it was just me and Sarah and I was the photographer too, I think we did a great job getting this shot. Holding a shawl in one hand and camera in the other (while pressing the button) was a challenge.
This shawl was first published in The Knitter in a pure cashmere yarn which unfortunately is no longer in stock.
This pictures were taken on the beach at Mount Edgecumbe looking across to Devonport dock yard.
Lazuli is a top down triangular shawl with an easy to follow lace pattern which is charted and written out. Knitted in heavy lace (the sample is knitted in Twinkle Lace) it's perfect for a first lace yarn project.
Golitha Falls is another top down triangular shawl knitted in heavy lace weight. The edging has beads which are optional and added using the crochet hook method.
This is always a popular shawl at shows.
Ocean Waves is a very easy, little shawlette using the crest of the wave pattern. Perfect as a first lace pattern.
Unfortunately we were in the shade for this photo:

Carmen is another easy one skein shawlette. The lace pattern is both written and charted. I've been working hard in the last year to add written instructions to all my patterns and i think I'm finally getting there.
Got a special skein of luxury sock yarn, then this is the perfect pattern to show it off.

Rosebud doesn't just have new photos, I've updated the charts & pattern layout too.

 This is a rectangular stole which is knitted in one piece. The stole features a lacy rosebud pattern with trellis borders. The sample is knitted in Angel Lace but any heavy lace is perfect. You can easily adjust this pattern to any amount of yarn. The sample is quite long so you can get a decent length shawl with less yarn. I used 800m/100gr.
The Celebration Stole is another pattern which has been updated with new charts, written instructions for the lace pattern, a new layout & new photos.

The Rosebud & Celebration Stoles were 2 of the first shawls we photographed & it was still quite cold so I let Sarah keep her coat on but these two stoles would look just as perfect as a cover up over a pretty summer dress or worn as a scarf in the winter. I've been wearing the Celebration Stole as a scarf in the last couple of days.

I've got a few more patterns to update with new photos, some need new charts & new layout too. There's a few former magazine designs which I now need to get ready for self-publishing. It'll take me a few weeks to gradually work my way through them but I'll keep you updated.

Yesterday i enjoyed my Sunday knitting & finished a present for a friend. I gave it to her today & she loved it. I'll share more about that tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who gave feed back on online courses in the post below. I'm working on my first couple of courses which i'm hoping to run in February and/or March. I'll keep you informed.

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