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Friday, December 09, 2011

Something for the weekend?

The Grace Crochet Scarf is a fun, quick, little crochet project. It is very easy for a competent crocheter and perfectly doable for a novice crocheter. The pattern comes in both a British and American version. You only need to be able to do chains, double crochets and treble crochets (in American: chains, single crochets and double crochets).

The scarf starts with a picot chain then moves into a few rows of a chain mesh and ends in two rows of trebles (US: double crochet) and chains which makes the scarf spiral a little bit. Make it in a single colour or choose two colours. I love my Christmas inspired red/white one below.
I made each of these in a couple of evenings and I didn't work flat out all evening either so they are perfectly doable in a weekend. The yarn is Louisa Harding's gorgeous Grace Handbeaded which is a silk/wool blend with beads. Many other beaded yarns can also be used and I do have a couple of other beaded yarns in my studio to try out when I'm finished all my pre-Christmas deadlines.
This scarf is as little bit addictive. Once i'd made one I could have kept going and made lots of them. This is very rare for me. I don't normally like making the same things more than once but I can't wait to make more of these.

Click here to purchase the pattern.

They make perfect Christmas presents and you've still got time to make one quickly. You can ofcourse substitute the beaded yarn for a plain yarn and add beads yourself. Louisa Harding has a new Mulberry Silk beaded yarn coming out soon too and I've seen a sample of it and can't wait to make a scarf in that yarn too.

Don't know how to crochet or worried your crochet skills are not good enough? I've added a Grace Crochet Scarf workshop to my workshops on offer next year and I'm booked to teach it at Spin A Yarn in the spring. I'm not sure of the date yet but if you're interested contact Spin A Yarn & sign up to their newsletter which will be sent out soon. You'll then get a full workshop timetable for the spring term. Their workshop timetable is the most comprehensive in the south west I think.

I'm ofcourse happy to travel to other venues to teach so if you're interested contact your local LYS or knitting group and ask if they're interested in asking me to teach. All they need to do to book me to teach is to contact me and i'll send them details.

My plans for the weekend are lots of knitting, 2 garments to sew up and do finishing details, patterns to write and perhaps some crochet. I'll hopefully be starting a new design too. I'm working hard to get all my deadlines finished off in time for Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend x

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