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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pretty Things!

Every time I do a show I get asked where I get my gorgeous shawl pins from & every time I say I ought to stock these gorgeous pins. Well, I've finally done something about it. I've got a small selection of 'Nicholas & Felice' shawl pins in stock.

I've been using Nicholas & Felice's pins for a few years now and they are gorgeous. My favourites are the light weight aluminium ones. They're very light weight and have no sharp edges. I'm also stocking one brass and one copper variety. I bought my Mum a sterling silver shawl pin from Nicholas & Felice for her birthday in November. I'd love a silver one for myself too.

The pins are hand-made in the USA by artisans Nicholas & Felice. All the pins are made of lightweight metal and are perfect for the most delicate lace shawls. They won't weigh down your shawl or snag it. I've used my shawl pins lots of times. I've also tried other metal shawl pins but most of the time they're either far too heave or have sharp pins or edges.

Want to see the shawl pins in use? I use them in almost all my photos and here is a little selection:

I have 5 different designs and only 2 of each to start with. I've only listed 1 of each so far as I'm taking them to show a friend tomorrow. She's choosing one for her Christmas present.

You can find all the shawl pins here.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a yarn update. If you need to order things for Christmas I'll be posting on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday this week. If you're ordering a present for someone I can post directly to them and I can even gift wrap it if you ask me to (I'm not an expert at gift wrapping though).


Felice Luftschein said...

We love seeing our pins on your beautiful designs! We are excited to have you as a local source for them in the UK.

Ann said...

I have bought those pins too as they are lovely.