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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mystery Shawl Revealed

It's time to reveal the 2011 YarnAddict Mystery Shawl. SueMA won the 'name the shawl competition' with her suggestion: Cornish Rhapsody. I struggled to decide though. 
A big thank you to Pixie for lending me her shawl to photograph, her shawl is in the photo above and below.
The shawl features a choice of two edgings and Pixie's shawl above and top of the edgings below uses edging 1.
The shawl below is my shawl and i did edging 2. Thank you also to Sarah & Anita for test knitting the shawl for me. I appreciate it!

Cornish Rhapsody is a crescent shaped shawl worked from the top down. The optional beads are added to the edging using the crochet hook method.

Width inner crescent: 166 cm/65.5 in. Length at centre: 55 cm/22 in
Exact size will depend on how much the shawl is stretched during blocking.

Pixie's shawl, although it has the shorter edging is longer than my shawl which surprised me. I may have stretched mine more sideways. I'm thinking about re-blocking mine so I can take photos for a blocking tutorial. Blocking this type of shawl is not easy because of the curved shape. Do you fancy a blocking tutorial? I'm thinking about doing a master class series on how to block different shapes. Blocking is so important to make the most of your lace.

This shawl takes one 100gr/800m skein of lace yarn. Pixie, Sarah, Anita and I all used Twinkle Lace for our shawls. I showed mine off to the ladies in my Lace Improvers Class at Spin A Yarn today and they all loved it, especially the sparkly yarn.

You can find the pattern here and I'll be listing it on Patternfish and adding it to my LYS wholesale list soon too.

This was my first mystery KAL but it won't be the last. I really enjoyed it and I'm thinking of making it an annual event, perhaps in September and October so it won't interfere with Christmas knitting. I'm also thinking about doing a mini KAL in the new year. A small shawl knitted in sock yarn for people new to lace or who are worried about committing to a big shawl - perhaps run over 3 weeks. I've not made any firm plans but I'm definitely thinking about it. Do you fancy it?


Ann said...

The shawl is gorgeous & I can't wait to finish mine. I am only on Clue 3 now as I have put it aside to work on other more urgent projects. Thank you for organising this KAL.

Dori said...

What a pretty shawl! I love the shorter ones because I stand a chance of actually getting them done. I didn't have the chance to join the KAL this time, but I will most likely end up buying the shawl pattern at some point down the line.