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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I forgot something...

This morning when I logged into Twitter, I had a tweet from a lovely knitter who mentioned my crochet design in the new Let's Knit. I quickly grabbed my copy and flicked through it again and yes, my crochet design, Tegan, is in this issue too. That's 3 designs in this issue. Yay, Go me!

I used Rowan Lima for this design. Lima is an amazing yarn to crochet with. It's constructed like a knitted tube and it works up into a very light, incredibly soft and warm fabric. This vest is perfect to keep you warm in a chilly office, or for your weekend activities. 

It's a simple shape and has an easy to learn treble cluster stitch which works up very quickly. I loved making this. You could easily make it longer or shorter.

By the way, have your heard some fantastic Crochet News? Love:Crochet is a new online crochet magazine due to be launched on 1 December. The website looks a bit basic now but it's not the final one. Just bookmark it and make sure you keep checking back. The best thing is that I've been commissioned 3 designs for the first issue. I've got another crochet design for another mag due in a few weeks too so it'll be all about crochet for me in the next few weeks.

I'm very excited about this new launch. It promises to be a modern crochet mags, which is just what we need. 


Sarah said...

How exciting to have found your blog! Must have a look through to see if I've knitted any of your designs now!

Ann said...

Lovely vest. I may have to pick up my crochet hook again.