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Monday, October 03, 2011

Busy Weekend

We've had an absolutely fantastic weekend. First, the weather was brilliant. Much better than it was for most of August. It was warm & sunny & proper summer weather. Instead of  starting with what we did on Saturday, I'm going to start with Sunday afternoon.

After Vanessa's baptism in August, Emily said she'd like to be baptised. We assumed it would be next year. Then yesterday morning in the service, our pastor announced that they were having a baptism event at Looe beach in the afternoon and if anyone else wanted to be baptised to talk to him after the service. Emily told me as soon as the service finished that she wanted to be baptised that afternoon.

Looe beach was very busy for an October weekend. The tide was very far out so this picture doesn't show how busy the beach was as most people were above the high tide mark.
Lots of people from our church turned up too. I don't know if all of the people watching were from our church or if there were other people who stopped and watched. I always wonder what people think when we turn up on the beach to baptise people. It's amazing to hold baptism services on the beach though.
Here's Archie (our new pastor apprentice), Emily, Simon and our pastor John walking out. The tide was far out and it was very shallow so they had to walk a long way out until it was deep enough.
Simon helped baptise Emily:

Our friend, Carolyn, was baptised too and it was a wonderful afternoon. Afterwards Simon's parents came back here for a meal and I made Norwegian waffles for dessert as the kids love them!

On Saturday we went for a walk around Sibleyback Lake on Bodmin Moor. It was very warm and sunny. My back was very, very bad and I didn't think I could walk all the way around the lake so I walked a short bit, found a bench, listened to my e-book on my phone (Sense & Sensibility) and knitted. Here's the view in front of me:

and behind me:
I took a lot of pics as I was trying out my new camera and I'm very happy with the quality of these pics. Behind me was a large field with sheep on top of the hill:
Trust me there were sheep up among the rocks and trees but I didn't want to crop the picture.
In front of me was the view of the lake:
There is a fairly new path around this lake which has made it very popular with families, walkers, runners and cyclists. It's even wheel chair/scooter friendly and I saw a couple of people in wheel chairs going past, several kids cycling.

At one end of the lake there is a dam
In the middle of this beautiful landscape is this ugly concrete dam.

One thing that really shocked me was how low the water levels were. It feels like we've had a really rubbish summer but we obviously haven't had as much rain as it felt like. I've not seen the lake this low for a long, long time.
The water is normally right up to the green bit next to the path in the picture above.

I've got to go and get some knitting done. I'm a bit worried about some deadlines. I'll leave you with a couple of more pics of the beautiful lake:

On weekend's like this I feel really blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

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