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Monday, June 27, 2011


Woolfest was fantastic. Absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed last year's show but this year was even better. Our stall was right in the middle and we got off to a bit of  a slow start on Friday but once we got busy, we got really busy. Sales were up on last year and patterns were selling very well. I sold out of several patterns.
The nicest things about shows is to meet my regular customers and put some faces to names. I also met some Ravelry and Twitter friends and caught up with some people i already know too. It's also nice to speak to other stall holders and catch up with knitting friends. I would have loved to have had more time to chat to people but we were too busy.

We set up the stall trying to display as many designs as possible.  that's the 'Cerys' baby blanket below our sign on the back wall. I then realised I hadn't  printed off any copies to take with me as I decided the pattern was too long to print at 8 pages. So we put up Snow Queen instead.
We also sold out of a few patterns during the weekend and after the first day we removed those samples we didn't have any patterns left for. Otherwise we would keep getting people asking for those patterns and I don't like telling people patterns are sold out.

This was the Supreme Lace, Bambino Lace and Twinkle Lace at the beginning of Friday

And this is what was left on Sat afternoon:
And Twinkletoes and Fairytale Sock:
and at the end of Saturday:
The Twinkletoes Sock was very popular again and there are only about 6 skeins left.

I did mange to run around the show a couple of times and buy a couple of treats for myself. I've not taken photos yet so I'll share those tomorrow.

I've been unpacking yarn today and started re-stocking the shop. I'll finish that tomorrow.

That's about all I've got the energy for tonight. I'll share more about our sightseeing, my knitting progress and my purchases tomorrow.

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