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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Help needed!

Time has come to start finalising the Easy Lace Collection. I am working on the final design now. I had planned one more shawlette but I've decided not to include it as I really want to get this Collection ready in time for woolfest and i'm running out of time. I do need help with deciding on names though. I admit i'm not very good at choosing names for my designs. For my garments I decided a long time ago I would choose girls' names, usually names I like. Sometimes I think of a name as soon as I start working on a design, sometimes it takes forever to decide on a name.

 With shawls and accessories I tend to choose a name that feels right for the design or that has something to do with the design, taking the cue from a stitch pattern or similar things. But most of the time I struggle with choosing names. So once again I'm asking my blog readers for help. I need help naming some of the designs in the Easy Lace collection. If I choose your suggestion you will win a free copy of the E-book when it's published (which will be very soon).

The first shawlette I've been calling the Fairytale Shawlette because I worked the initial sample in Fairytale Sock. Any better suggestions would be welcome, although I do like Fairytale, perhaps I'll stick with it but do let me know what you think.
The next shawlette was knitted in Supreme Sock so I've been calling it Supreme Shawlette and I definitely need a new name for this one:
The third shawlette contains flower and vine lace patterns so I came up with the original name of 'Flower & Vine'. Any better ideas?

I had decided I would call this scarf 'Do The Twist' because of the way the centre stitch pattern twists but perhaps someone can come up with something better?
And finally the design that's currently on my needles, a cowl and handwarmer set. The only pics i have so far are the blocking pics of the cowl from the last post:

This is the larger size, the smaller size is currently blocking but no pics yet. I've knitted one of the larger handwarmers and I've started the first of the smaller pair. I've ordered some buttons to fasten this cowl this morning from my favourite button shop.  I also discovered The Textile Garden will be at Woolfest so I will be stocking up on more buttons then.

Yesterday was the warmest and sunniest day of the year so far for us. Today looks like it's going to be another cracker. My plans for today is to try to finish all the patterns for the Easy Lace Collection and the Daisy Shawlette and to deal with as many e-mails as I can cope with. I'm drowning in them! I'm also determined to enjoy the sunshine and sit out in the garden to knit for a bit. I wish I could take my laptop outside to work but I can't see the screen if I use it outside. Very annoying!

I hope your weekend is as sunny as ours. And please do leave your name suggestions in the comments together with your e-mail or Ravelry name so I can contact you if you win. Winners will be chosen & announced next week. Also, I'm hoping to have this collection printed into pattern booklets. So if you know any good British-based printers that are also affordable for small runs please let me know.


Jen said...

Good luck choosing pattern names! It's one of the things I most dislike doing! How about pulling a list of wild flowers from the internet and using those? Or something along those lines...

Fairyknits said...

I think fairytales are a good theme for names. In my eyes there is always some magic in a lace project. So I would keep the Name Fairytale for the first scarf. The Supreme Shawls is Lady Amalthea (the last Unicorn). The 'Flower & Vine' is Schmendrick the magician. 'Do The Twist' let me think of Eternity and Wisdom, but I don't have a name yet. The last one could be the Fountain of Youth or Tear of a Mermaid.

Kind regards, Mary (Ravelry name: Tomoe)

Joyuna said...

I agree, sometimes naming can be the hardest part! Here are my suggestions--
1. Like a Fairytale
2. Frosty Diamonds Shawlette
3. Dewdrops
4. Lacy Braid
5. Pearls & Lattices

I'm Joyuna on Ravelry :)

Rowan said...

I think 'Do the Twist'should be named something like Celtic Jewel as the twisting pattern resembles those Celtic patterns which weave in and out of each other and the colour is very jewel like.
Cheers Rowan
ravelry = Cerddin
Can't wait for the e-book. Am always in awe of how fast you seem to be able to knit lace.

pip said...

I'd call the second one Love-in-a-mist... They're all beautiful :)

Rowan said...

Do the Twist - I like Celtic Mood too.
Good luck
Rowan (ravelry - cerddin)

Alyssa said...

The "Flower and Vine" Shawlette reminds me of forget-me-nots. Tiny flowers with thin, kinky stems.

I like Fairytale Shawlette and Do the Twist, and I can't think of another name for the Supreme Shawlette :( Maybe something to do with snow?

Reason said...

I haven't done a lot of designing yet, but I imagine naming things must be one of the hard parts.

Anyway, I have a few suggestions for you - feel free to use or ignore!

Supreme shawlette: Silhouette or something with Echo

Flower & Vine: Parterre (as in the type of garden, since the flowers are laid in very regimented rows)

Do the twist: Entwined

new cowl & hardwarmers: Milady or M'Lady (as it seems very elegant with the lace & beads)