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Friday, May 20, 2011

What's happening?

 I've no idea what's happening to time this month. The last 2 weeks have just flown by and I don't seem to get anything done. Very frustrating. I've squeezed in a bit of machine knitting in between other things. I bought some Araucania Ruca which is a 100% sugar cane yarn a year ago for a summer top. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to knit a summer cardigan instead. I'm very pleased with the body but the sleeves are a disaster. I started sewing up last night and set in one sleeve and did the sewing up for one side seam and underarm seam. Tried it on and the sleeve is too tight. I did have problems setting the sleeve cap in. The armhole depth is fine but the sleeve cap was not but I fudged it. Now I'll have to take it out and re-knit the sleeves. At least it's quick on the machine. Took about 30 mins each sleeve. Love the rest of it though. Also need to decide what to do about front button bands.
I've also been doing a lot of crocheting this week. Mainly swatching for new crochet designs. But I got so tempted the other night I started crocheting a shrug for myself. It's a very easy chain stitch pattern. This is a long term project that I'll work on between other things.Doesn't look like much at the moment:
I'm also working on the 'Do The Twist' scarf. I've done the edging on one end and only have a couple of repeats left before I can do the eding on the other end. Would like to finish it this weekend.

Yesterday I cast on for a secret project which will be my main focus this weekend. It should be a quick knit.

At the moment I'm looking for new shelving for my yarn room. I had a bit of a clear out last week and next step is to get completely new shelving along one whole wall. I want strong floor to ceiling shelving. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You're probably wondering what's happened to yarn dyeing. I've dyed some this week but only for the clubs. Monday is BIG yarn dyeing day and there will be a bit shop update mid/end of next week, depending on how quickly the yarn dries. There will be a few skeins of Fairytale Sock and Supreme Sock (but just a few) listed sometime over the weekend.


Steph said...

IKEA do a fabulous range of strong shelving. It's called HENSVIK and it has squared sections which is brill for balls and skeins of yarn. I have two of the small ones on top of each other (the shaped bit at the top can be removed). But they also have big ones, like you're after. Just checked IKEAs website and I can't find the big ones but the small ones are here:
Maybe you could enquire about the big ones. x

Anonymous said...

thank you Steph. My husband doesn't think Ikea stuff will be strong enough for me. But I will look at it. I was thinking I'd get plain shelves and use plastic boxes for yarn storage. Will look at your link. wish we had an Ikea nearby.

Jheral Tinzy said...

Hey Anni

Will next week's shop update include that gorgeous new lace yarn you've mentioned once or twice on Rav? I'm on an enforced yarn diet this year (dentist, vet, no money left ;_;) but I'm sure I shan't be able to resist something new and gorgeous...

Anna the Addict

Anonymous said...

yes, I'm dying it tomorrow. just about to start prepping the yarn now. Update Wednesday or Thursday depending on how quickly it dries.