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Monday, May 09, 2011

Test Knitters needed

One of my priorities this month is to get the Easy Lace Collection together and finished. I had planned to get it all done in March but some other jobs like The Royal Wedding Shawl and the Manos garments happened and the Easy Lace Collection got postponed.

I'm now back to working on the collection. I've got to try and decide how much to include and exactly what to include. Yesterday I cast on for a scarf for the collection. I had an idea and tried it. Wasn't happy. Changed it. Still not happy. I think I ended up ripping it out 5 times before I settled on a pattern combo I'm very happy with. I've knitted a few inches. I've not had time to take pics today though. I had to put it down today to work on some secret knitting but I'm itching to get back to it.

Today ended up being a bad day. A few years ago Ness fell over on the way to school and damaged her front tooth really badly. The tooth was dead and she had to have a root canal. The dentist wanted to put veneer on as the tooth went grey very quickly. But she was due to have braces so the veneer was postponed. A few months ago her braces came off and on Friday the veneer went on. It looks better, not perfect but it's an improvement. Ness still wears her retainer every night and Friday night she couldn't get it on. So this morning I had to ring her orthodontist in Plymouth who told me they would charge £50 for a new retainer. I argued with them that the veneer was not cosmetic but had been part of her dental treatment plan for years. To cut a long story short, after several phone calls she had an appointment with our own dentist in town and then the orthodontist in Plymouth 2 hours later. Not a good day for me not to have the car. We had to catch the bus to Plymouth. Anyway she had imprints taken for a new retainer and we don't have to pay for it but most of my day was spent on dental stuff and not the other knitting and yarn dyeing things I'd planned to do today.

Sorry about that long rant but I was not happy with the orthodontist this morning but they were very nice when we went in this afternoon. Back to the Easy Lace Collection. I need to get the finished patterns test knitted. I've not done the official photoshoot yet so these are temporary photos. What I'm looking for is 2 volunteers for each pattern. I will send you the pattern and one skein of sock yarn of your choice (any sock yarn is okay apart from Merino Plus Twist as it has less yardage than the others). I can't afford to pay for this but you will get to keep the item you test knitted, choose your yarn and I will give you a discount code so you can download the finished Easy Lace Collection e-booklet for free when it's finally published.

ETA: thank you to all of those who've volunteered to test knit so far. I've got enough now and I'll e-mail you all on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you x.

I'll give a description of each project with pics. All these designs are relatively easy and should be suitable for someone learning lace knitting. But I'm happy to have test knitters who are experienced lace knitters or new lace knitters. What I'll need my testers to do is to knit the item within 2 weeks of receiving the yarn - I appreciate that sometimes things happen and knitting has to go on the back burner and that's fine. I'll also need the testers to report any errors they find and any comments on how the pattern was written, was there something that was unclear etc. The patterns will have charts and written instructions.

I've not decided on final names yet so these are 'working titles' only.

Fairytale Shawlette:
This shawlette is worked form the lower hem upwards. It starts with a long cast on row and then decreases one very other row. The hem section has beads which are added using a crochet hook. After the beaded hem there is an easy eyelet garter stitch section. I'm also planning some handwarmers to go with this shawlette. I have never managed to get any decent pics of this shawlette yet so I do apologise.

Supreme Shawlette:
This shawlette is worked form the top down and is a triangular shawl with a centre insertion. It has an easy to follow lace pattern which flows into a scalloped edging.

Flower & Vine Shawlette:
This is a standard top down triangular shawlette. It starts with a pretty flower lace pattern which then moves into a lacy vine pattern and ends with a scalloped edging. The yarn I used for the sample had nearly 100m less than my sock yarns so this shawlette will end up being bigger than mysample. The edging along the top edge starts with a provisonal cast on and is knitted along with the body of the shawl. The test knitter will need to know how to do a provisional cast on (any provisional cast on will do) and to graft the stitches together at the end.

I will have some more samples that'll need test knitting over coming weeks including a scarf, a sideways shawlette, a neck warmer and hopefully some handwarmers.

If you're interested in test knitting one of these and think you can get it done in two weeks from receiving the yarn, then please leave a comment. Please include which design you'd prefer to knit and your e-mail address. If you're on Ravelry, please also leave your Ravelry name. I won't publish any comments containing e-mail addresses. I'll e-mail everyone who volunteers by the end of the week and get your address and yarn choice. I will assign test knits on a first come, first serve basis. If I get too many volunteers I'll keep your name for the next few patterns.

I've got lots of other stuff to share including fibre and some other yarny goodies, knitting progress pics etc but that'll have to wait until later in the week. I need to get ready for my workshop at The Cornwall Yarn Shop tomorrow.

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I love all three of these patterns Anni!