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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pattern Of The Week - Dazzle

It's been a busy week. I've finished some deadlines. The Royal Wedding Shawl is finished. I didn't have time to take pics when it was blocked. It was all a bit of a rush to get to the post office. I'll share some photos when the official ones are done.

There's been dyeing going on. Not as much as I'd have liked, considering next weekend i'll be at Wonderwool. The next few days will be very busy.

There's been pattern writing but not as much as I should have been doing. I need to catch up on some this week.

I think I will stop there because as I keep listing stuff I can feel myself starting to panic. Lots and lots to do before Wonderwool next weekend.

I do have a Pattern Of The Week for you though. This week I've chosen my 'Dazzle Shawl'. This is a top down semi circular shawl, which is worked like a top down triangular shawl with a centre insertion. The charts are big but not too scary.

Use promotional code: dazzle to claim 50% off. Click here to purchase. The shawl takes one skein of YarnAddict Silky Merino Lace, Royal Lace or Dreamy Lace, or 1200m/100gr laceweight yarn. I have a pile of Silky Merino Lace here (it's on my dining room table). I don't know whether to list some in the shop or to keep it all for Wonderwool.

UK postage prices are going up tomorrow. I've not had time to check it all out yet but I will have to put postage prices up at some point. I tend to charge actual postage on my parcels so that I can keep the cost of the yarn low, my prices are much lower than most indie dyers. I will probably leave the postage as it is until after Wonderwool, when I'll have a bit more time to sort it all out.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Anni..easy enough for me?

Anonymous said...

Hi Claire, It's more challenging than Trinity. The lace patterns for the side panels is easy, only 2 rows really. The centre insertion is more difficult and does have a large chart but also includes written instructions. I think you can do it but it may be a challenge to start with. It's knitted in fairly fine lace - 1200m/100gr.