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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Let's Knit Front Cover

the new issue of Let's Knit arrived today. I was thrilled when I saw that my design was on the front cover. The design is a summery cardigan, 'Amelia', which features a twisted 1x1 lacy rib which twists and turns across the fabric.
The front:
The back:
Here are some of the pics I took.I love the way the stitch pattern twists and twirls:
Take a look at the back:
The yarn is Rowan Calmer which is slightly stretchy. The 1x1 twisted rib also creates a stretchy fabric. Because of this I designed this cardi with no ease.
And one final photo:
And that's not my only design in this issue of Let's Knit. I've also got the 'Thora' scarf which is knitted in Silk Garden Sock. It's knitted sideways in an easy lace pattern which is perfect for the long stretches of colour in this yarn:
Pixie knitted the scarf over Christmas/New Year and did a great job as always.
And a close up:
Lots of dyeing today. We had lovely and sunny weather and it was quite warm too. I hung out all the yarn I dyed yesterday and today and about half of it is dry and the rest is still slightly wet so I'm hoping for another warm, sunny day tomorrow.

heres what my washing line looked like today:
It was very bright so it looks a bit washed out.

I want to dye a little bit more lace yarn first thing tomorrow and a few more patterns to print then I'll be ready for Wonderwool.


pendie said...

I LOVE the sweater; now I have to go hunt down the magazine!

Pixie said...

Wow your cover cardi is stunning.. beautiful cololur too.

Love how the scarf turned out, neat to see it all done!

Good luck at the show.. customers are in for a real treat going by your washing line.

Sara Tomlinson Design said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely. Simple'ss

Piecepatcher said...

wow, the yarn is glorious. The patterns are fabulous too. I especially like the scarf. It reminds me of one I had a few years ago that wore out because I wore it so much.
Hope the wonderwool occasion goes well.

Jheral Tinzy said...

Anni, that cardigan is gorgeous!

I wish I was going to Wonderwool :-( Hope you have a great time there.


tettidesign said...

Amelia is truly brilliant, everything fits together so naturally!