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Friday, April 15, 2011

Catch Up

I've spent the week recovering and catching up after Wonderwool. I love doing shows but they do make me feel exhausted and the pain levels increase. So after a show I need a few quiet days. there's also a lot of catching up to do after days away, plus all the show stuff to tidy away and shop to update etc.

All the left over yarn is finally in the shop. You can see it all here.  If you have signed up to my newsletter, take a look at today's newsletter for a special weekend only offer.

Instead of a Pattern Of The Week this week I have a special Easter pattern offer. Buy 2 patterns, Get 1 Free by using code: easter 11. Offer is valid in my Ravelry pattern shop (or any of the pattern links on the blog - they take you to my Rav shop). Offer is valid until 25 April (that's Easter Monday).

I've also been working a lot on a secret project which is nearly done now. Loving the yarn! And i've been trying to catch up on pattern writing. Still need to do some more work on that one! I may get there this weekend.

I did come back from Wonderwool really inspired to do some more spinning. It may be spending the whole weekend looking at shelves and shelves of fibre as the stall opposite us was a feltmaking stall but ofcourse fibre sold for felting can be used for spinning too. I ended up buying 150 gr of a camel/silk blend:
It's luscious. I've tried spinning camel but it's very short staple and challenging to spin. I thought blended with silk (which is much longer staple) may make it easier. it is but it's still a challenge. Think I'm getting the hang of it after spinning for an hour this evening.

I've also been working on my Sweet Georgia Fiber Club Feb fibre and finally finished my second bobbin. I'd love to ply it straight away but I'm never 100% happy with my plying so I thought if i let it rest for a week or so (although it may be less) it may be easier to ply and i may be happier with the result.

here are my singles:
I'm hoping to end up with something between a sock yarn and dk weight (fingering/sport weight). Perhaps knit a little shawlette.

I was going to spin the March Fiber Club fibre next but the camel/silk was too tempting.

I was up at 5.30 am today (couldn't sleep) so I'm tired. Think it's time for an early-ish night.

Have a lovely weekend x

Next week (apart from what should be  quick secret knit) there will be no deadlines for a while. What shall I knit? One of the umpteen things on the needles. I'm still looking forward to it though.

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