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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's all about pink!

I started spinning my Sweet Georgia Feb Fiber Club fibre last weekend. First time I've started spinning a club fiber during the month I received it. It's BFL/silk and I love it!
I've only got 100gr of this fibre and because i really, really like the colour I want to make the most of it. I saw some bright pink merino at Spin A Yarn recently and thought it might work with this fibre.

 So my options are:

  • spinning the Sweet Georgia fibre on it's own.
  • Spinning one bobbin of Sweet Georgia and one bobbin of merino and plying them.
  • spinning and plying the fibres separately and using them in the same project or not.
Here's both fibres side by side:

As I can't decide what to do I split the Sweet Georgia fibre in half. 
Isn't it fluffy?

Once I've spun half I will spin a little bit of the merino and ply a small bit to see if I like it.

And here's what I've spun so far. 

I may try and do some more tonight after a meeting at church.

Have dyed the Easy Lace Club and Sock Club yarn today. I'm hoping to post it on Friday if it's dry by then.


Jheral Tinzy said...

That fibre looks good enough to eat, just like candyfloss!


Piecepatcher said...

Love that pink:)