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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Beautiful Yarn & Beautiful Needles

First, thank you to all of you who left a comment or e-mailed me. I have booked a doctors appointment and I am feeling much better. I also need to have another thyroid blood test. I suffer from an underactive thyroid and I'm on medication. Last autumn when I had my routine blood test they had to increase my medication and I need to have antoher test done to see if I'm on the right level of medication or if it needs to be increased more. This week I've been trying to catch up on pattern writing and two bit magazine submissions, while trying to really be careful about pacing myself and being sensible. Easier said than done.

First, take a look at this. it's the new issue of Knits, previously known as Yarn Forward. Not sure when it's in the shops but it should be soon. I'm so excited as the lilac sweater on the cover is mine.  More details when I get the magazine.

Now to another gorgeous design. I think I mentioned I'm designing a wedding shawl to go with the Fyberspates Royal Wedding Yarn.  Jeni has commissioned a luxury lace yarn which is a blend of extra fine merino/royal alpaca/silk/stellina. Imagine supersoft merino, the same gorgeous alpaca as in my Royal Lace, the stellina is the silver stuff in my Twinkletoes and silk. How can it not be gorgeous? I love the colour too, a rich sapphire colour to match the engagement ring.

I've taken some photos but I'm not managing to capture the colour correctly. It's darker than my photos. It's beautiful. it comes in a presentation box and what better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding than some beautiful lace yarn. The yarn has 1000m per 100gr skein.

I'm just about to cast on for the wedding shawl. I've spent the last couple of hours finalising the charts and breaking them down into pattern repeats etc and making sure all the motif line up and fit in. it's quite a lot of prep work before knitting actually start. Now the yarn and needles are ready and pattern printed. I'm so excited.

I also got a very exciting parcel today. Gorgeous needles. They're from Signature Needle Arts and I think they're handmade. they come in a choice of tips and I chose 'stiletto' which is super sharp long tip.  Perfect! Although I prefer circular needles I got a set of 4mm short straights to try them out and a set of 2.75mm dpns for sock knitting.

I've been practicing my speed knitting lately. the world record is 118 sts a minute. My fastest before today is 80 sts per minute. I had a feeling the stiletto 4mm needles might make my knitting faster. So I cast on and practiced for a few minutes. Then I timed myself again. Twice I managed 85 sts per minute. I'm getting closer.

I'm trying to get a shop update done. Yarn is ready for photography. I may get the photos done this afternoon but I've got an appointment with Em's teacher in an hour and I need to tidy myself up, put together a Shepherds Pie for dinner, make pancake batter and prepare for housegroup tonight. I'm leading the Bible Study tonight and I've not finished my prep yet. We're having pancakes at housegroup tonight so I will need to get that ready to cook at 7pm too. Better get off this laptop and get on with it.

First I'm going to cast on for this wedding shawl. Priorities!


Jen said...

I can't wait to see your design! :-)

marymaryquitecontrary said...

How much yarn is needed for the wedding shawl?

Anonymous said...

The wedding shawl will take one skein.

Anonymous said...

That's one skein of the Fyberspates Royal Wedding yarn - 1000m/100gr.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Beautiful yarn and so appropriate in colour.
Hope the Bible study goes well, and the pancakes taste good.
Glad you are going to the Dr.

marymaryquitecontrary said...

I have the yarn pre-booked. Please do not make the patterm too difficult!!!!