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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you

A big thank you to those who volunteered to test knit the Shelter scarf last night. I have enough testers now. I found my notes on the pattern and I didn't make as many notes as I thought I did but I have enough. It's a pretty simple pattern. I'm hoping to e-mail the testers tomorrow. But our big job tomorrow is to help Simon cut the hedge so I may run out of time and I've got some other pattern writing to do too. So if I run out of time tomorrow it'll be Saturday at the latest.

Today has been all about finishing some deadline designs. One went in the post today and another one is due to go tomorrow. Simon has been away since yesterday, so last night the girls and I had pancakes and watched 'The Proposal' with Sandra Bullock. Great film. I knitted. then when the girls went to bed I watched another chick flick, ate some chocolate and sewed up a garment.

This weekend there will be a lot of knitting taking place. I really need to crack on with one of my Serena designs. My knitters have done brilliantly and one garment is back, another one is on it's way and the third one is nearly done too, I think. I'm the slowest one. I've got half the front and sleeves left to do. But the knitting is going faster now as I'm starting to memorise the pattern.

For the next month it'll be almost all about secret deadline knitting here. I will try and squeeze in some other knitting so I have something to blog about. There will be a Pattern Of The Week this week, tomorrow or Saturday.

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