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Monday, February 21, 2011

No Title

I'm tired and I just can't think of anything. I've been to Plymouth with the girls today. Vanessa and her friend went shopping while I took Em to the National Marine aquarium. Then we all met up and went to Vanessa's orthodontist appointment. Then it was post office time. I normally go about 4.30 because it's usually quiet, but not today. I queued for nearly 20 mins and then the clerk took ages to process my parcels. He is fairly new but SO SLOW! Feeling tired and fed up now.

Perhaps a bit of pretty yarn will cheer me up. I've just added a few skeins of Royal Lace. they should have been in last week's update but weren't dry in time. There is some natural un-dyed cream Royal Lace:

Some Raspberry (I love this colour):

Some Smokey Purple:

and some Beach Holiday:
I plied and washed the Painted tiger merino/silk/bamboo fiber. I'm not sure i like it. The second bobbin was much more even than the first. Probably because when I started I hadn't spun regularly for a long time. It's quite uneven. I tried to work out my meterage and I htink it's about 700m and about 80 gr. But that sounds like a lot of meterage for 80 gr and it doesn't look fine enough for that so I'm not sure. I've not worked out wpi yet. I did think I might start knitting something with it fairly quickly but I'm not sure now.
Tomorrow i'll be at Spin A Yarn for an Easy Lace Workshop. I love spending the day at Spin A Yarn. And Joyce may have got some new Shilasdair yarn in which i'm dyeing to see. That'll definitely cheer me up. Now I need to do a bit of knitting before I tackle the weekly grocery shop.

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