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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yarn Update

I feel like I'm a few days behind this week. I've now listed the yarns I'd planned to list at the beginning of the week. The yarn dyeing I'd planned to do on Wednesday hasn't happened yet but hopefully will tomorrow. I did get the Lace Variety Club in the post today though and that's a huge relief. I've also done quite a bit of pattern work this week but not enough. Still stuff to catch up on. I've been blocking like mad this week too. I've got several designs for which the magazines' copyright is about to expire or has expired and i'd like to get some of them listed on Ravelry and Patternfish, mainly the ones using my own yarns. I may even get one of the up for the Pattern of the week tomorrow. If you've been meaning to buy this weeks pattern, Elegance, hurry up and buy it now. See all the details here.

Here's some of the yarns in this week's update which can be seen here.
Bamboozle Sock:

Royal Lace:

Tomorrow I'm dyeing Merino Plus Twist and Dreamy Lace and perhaps something else. I've got pattern writing to do tomorrow too and don't want to over-do it before the weekend.

I meant to take some knitting progress photos today but forgot before it got too dark. I've done lots of knitting on my cable scarf and have added several inches since this:

I did several inches at housegroup last night and I've been plugging away at it today at knitting group, while having lunch, waiting for Vanessa to have her new point shoes fitted. I'm now on the second skein and two skeins won't be enough for the length I want. I'm going to have to get one or two more. I think I will get two and then if I don't use the last one or all of the last one perhaps I will have a go at designing a matching beret.

The progress on the mink/merino/milk shawlette is going well too. I started the second chart and i've nearly at the point where I'm going to have to decide what to do about the edging. When I weighed my ball last night I had 10 gr left. No idea how much I'll need for the edging. I'm also wondering if it's going to be a little bit too small. I wish it had another 100 yds. It was only 300 something. Or perhaps I should make it a 2 ball project instead but that means waiting for more yarn to arrive. I think I will try to finish the main section tonight and then try to make  a decision over the weekend.

Lots of swatching to do over the next few days. I've got a stack of 'call for submissions' to get through. Remember yesterday when I said I'd had a design commissioned by an American magazine? Well I didn't say which mag it was but I can now reveal that one of my designs will be featured in the 2011 issue of Interweave Accessories! I'm so excited about this.

Back tomorrow with Pattern of The Week.

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